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Where are epithelial cells derived from?
Endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm
How does epithelial tissue get nutrients?
It is avascular, so it must diffuse nutrients and waste through basal lamina
What is the mesothelium?
Lines pleural, pericadrdial, and peritonial cavities.
What is the endothelium?
Cells that line the lumen of blood and lymphatic vessels
What is an example of simple cuboidal epithelium?
Kidney tubules
What is an example of a simple columnar epithelium?
Digestive tract.
What is an example of a stratified cuboidal epithelium?
Ducts of sweat glands
What is an example of a pseudostratified epithelium?
Respiratory epithelium!
What is an example of transitional epithelium?
Urinary tract/bladder: TRANSITIONS in shape upon diestension
What are microvilli?
- Cytoplasmic projections at apical surface for surface area.
- ACTIN filaments
What are cilia?
- Motile hair-like projections
- Microtubules
What organelles are found at the BASAL end of the cell?
- Nucleus, RER, mitochondria
What organelles are found at the APICAL end of the cell?
- Golgi apparatus, secretory vesicles