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Nasopharynx cancer: age distribution
Bimodal: 15-25 and 50-60
Nasopharynx cancer: Risk factors
WHO Type I (keratinizing): tobacco, alcohol

WHO Type III (undifferentiated): EBV
Nasopharynx cancer: WHO types and US case percentages
WHO I: 25% in US
WHO II: 12% in US
Nasal Cavity and Paranasal sinus: Sex distribution
M:W, 4:1
Anal squamous cell carcinoma:Risk Factors
HPV infection, 16, 18
> 10 sexual partners
hx of anal warts
Hx of anal interourse < 30 years old
hx of multiple partners, anal sex
hx of STDs
Anal squamous cell carcinoma: Incidence
5,070 new cases in 2008
Esophageal Cancer: Incidence, US
16,470 cases
Esophageal Cancer, Deaths, US
14,280 cases
Esophageal cancer, M:F Ratio, US
Esophageal cancer, Race, US
African American Males: White males, 5:1
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma: Incidence, US
66,120 cases
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma: Median Age, US
age 60-65
Hodgkins Lymphoma: Incidence, US
Hodgkins Lymphoma: Deaths, US
Hodgkins Lymphoma: Male: Female ratio
Hodgkins Lymphoma: Age distribution
Bimodal, 25-30 and > 55
Hodgkins Lymphoma: Risk Factors
Having a 1st degree relative: 5 fold increase in risk
EBV infection, associated with mixed cellularity type
HIV infection
Prostate cancer: Incidence, US
186,320 cases
Prostate cancer: Deaths, US
28,660 deaths
Lung Cancer: Deaths, US
28,660 deaths
Prostate cancer: Median Age of Diagnosis
70 years old
Colon cancer: Incidence, US
40,740 cases
Larynx Cancer: Incidence, US
Larynx Cancer: Percentage of Head and Neck Cancers
25-33% of head and neck cancers
Larynx Cancer: Deaths, US
4200 deaths
Larynx Cancer: Risk Factors
Tobacco Smoke Exposure~95% if cases
Alcohol abuse: supraglottic
Hypopharynx Cancer: Incidence, US
2500 cases
Gastric Cancer: Incidence, US
22,280 cases
Gastric Cancer: Deaths, US
11,430 deaths
Cervical Cancer: Incidence, US
18,500 cases
Cervical cancer: Deaths, US
3700 deaths
Cervix Cancer: Risk Factors
First sex at young age
multiple sexual partners
hx of STDs
High parity
Cigarette smoking
Endometrial Cancer: Incidence
41,200 cases
Endometrial Cancer: Age range
55-85, post menopausal age
Endometrial Cancer: Deaths
7350 deaths
Small cell carcinoma: Incidence, US
35,000 cases
Small cell carcinoma: Percentage of Lung cancers
15-20% of bronchogenic carcinoma
Melanoma: Incidence, US
62,190 cases
Melanoma: Deaths, US
8000 deaths
Oral Cavity Cancer: Average Age
60 years old
Meningiomas: Incidence, US
8600 cases per year

*Most common benign intracranial neoplasm
Meningioma: M:F ratio
1:2 for all meningiomas

1:1 for anaplastic meningioma
Meningioma: Percentage of primary brain tumors
30% of primary intracranial tumors.
CNS lymphoma: Percentage of primary brain tumors
2% of intracranial tumors
CNS lymphoma: Median Age
55 for immunocompetent
31 for immunocompromised
Vaginal Cancer: Incidence, US
2,200 case
Vaginal Cancer: Deaths, US
800 deaths
Vulva Cancer: Incidence, US
4,000 cases
Vulva Cancer: Deaths, US
850 deaths
Ovarian Cancer: Incidence, US
25,600 cases
Ovarian Cancer: Deaths, US
16,100 deaths
Prostate cancer: Risk Factors
Highest in Scandanavia
Lowest in Asia
1st degree relative with prostate cancer
High fat/caloric diets
Breast cancer: Average age
54 years old