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what is the measurement of the likelihood of a negative result in patients known to be free of disease?
What is sensitivity?
likelihodd of a positive test result in patients known to have the disease
what is the equation used to figure the Positive Predicted Value?
What is the relationship of mean to median in results that are skewed to the left?
The mean would be LESS than the median
What measurements are used to make ROC curves?
sensitivity and specificity
What is the term Power analagous with?
Diagnostic test specificity
What does Beta error represent?
number of false (-)
number of individuals that develop a condition over a defined period of time
Proportion of sampled individuals with a disease at a given point in time
Subjects a followed backwards on time from effects to causes
Case control study
All observations on an individual are made at one point in time
cross sectional
Observations are made over a period of time
A group of individuals who have something in common when they are assembled and then are followed to view the outcome
Which study type has no comparison group
Uncontrolled clinical trial
This is data in which order is known but at an irregulat interval
Ordinal data
this is data which can only be put into categories without any inherent order
Nominal data
This is the prevelance of a disease estimated on the basis of diagnostic tests ONLY
Apparent Prevelance
How is relative risk different from Risk Ratio?
They are the f-ing same thing
What are you trying to prove when you use Serial Testing?
trying to prove that animals that initially tested positive are in fact positive
What is it called when multiple tests are performed at the same time trying to prove that healthy animals are truly healthy?
Parallel testing