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describe a primary, secondary and tertiary intervention
promote and presever health
ID those with subclinical disease/high risk
diminish complications and improve quality of life of patients
what are some advantages of individual based strategies for prevention
intervention approprate for ind
no need to both those at low risk
consistnet with nature and organization of medical care
cost effective
what are some disadvantages of individual based strageties for prevention
medicalization of prevention (labeling)
success only palliative and temporary
behaviorally inadequate vis a vis social norms
overall impact might be disaapointingly small
what is the goal ofindividual based strategies for prevention
truacate the distribution of risk factors disease risk in the population and elimate those at high risk
what is the goal of population based strategies for prevention
shifting of the whole distribution in the population
what are some advantages of population based prevention
address fundamental pressures and barriers
powerful large impact
what are some disadvantages of population based prevention
offers little to participating individual
safety issues
what is the prevention paradox
the individual receives little from population based prevention
like how many people have to wear seatbelts to save one life
the core funcitons of public helath include _____ the health of populations, ______ effective public health programs and policies, and ______ that al individuals have access to the resources needed to live a long and healthy life
what does MMWR stand for
morbidity and mortality weekly report
name some of the ten great public health achievements 1900
MV safety
safer workplaces
control of infectious disease
decline in deaths from CHD and stroke
safer and healthier foods
family planning
fluoridation of dirnking water
recognition of tobacco use as health hazard
department of helath and human services CDC HRSA FDA NIH and AHRQ are all what type of government system
what part of government has "police powers" to restrict individual rights to protect safety and interests of the population
state health dept
think of some of the 10 essentaial servies of the state health department
monitor health status
diagnose and investigate
inform educate and empower
mobilize community partnerships
develop policies and plans
enforce laws and regulations
link people to needed services and asure care
assure a compentent workfoce
evaluate health services
______ health agencies are powers granted to local governments by state
local health agencies
name a few of the things that public health does
prevent epidemics
protects the environment workplace housing food and water
promotes healthy behavior
monitors the health condition of the population
mobilizes communites for action
responds to disasters
assures that medical services are high quality and necessary
trains specialist in investigating and preventing diseases
define the social justice view of public health
individual health is largely determined by their social and environmental conditions
define for the market justice view
individuals health results from free choice in an unregulated capitalist society
What is soap
what is CHIP
community health imrpovement process
what are the six steps of CHIP
establish a coalition
identify health indicators
collect and interpret the health indicator data
select priority health problems
prepare work plans
implement and evaluate programs
Name three community health imrpovement models
institute of medicine model
mobilizing for action through planning and partnerships MAPP
Mobilizing action toward commnity health MATCH
name two major health outcomes
what are the four health determinants
health care quality and access
health behaviors
physical environemtn
name some challenges for local health dept
staff time, training
what communities want vs what health dept can impact
collecting primary data
WONDER WISH and Checkpoint are all _______
assessment tools
name the four population levels
organizations and institutions
name some intervention approach
social marketing
social environemtn
physical environemtn
You want exchange for selfish self interests is ________ intervention
if yes motivated
no opportunity
but able to behave
how do you intervene
if there is no motivation what is always part of your intervention
describe the seven multi level interventions
strenghening individual knowledge and skills
promoting community education
training providers
fostering coalitions and networks
changing organizational practices
mobilizing neighborhood and communities
influencing policy and legislation