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Metamorphic rock
A rock that has been altered by the application of pressure and/or heat
- Rock does not melt
Change in the size and shape of the grains but NOT the mineral composition
Phase Change
- Change in the crystal structure - in the solid state - a rearrangement of existing atoms
- Can result in volume change as well
The growth of new mineral from those in the protolith
Plastic Deformation (Compression)
- Mineral change their shape plastically (they DO NOT melt)
- Under constant pressure
- Physically deforming
- Shearing
- Compression and shearing imparts a “foliation” - an alignment of minerals inside the rock
Foliated Metamorphic Rocks
- rocks that have experienced compression and/or shearing
- Slate
- Phyllite
- Schist
- Gneiss
- (least amount of pressure/heat)
- Foliation: Cleavage
- Break along aligned grain sheets
- FIne grained
- Foliation: Crenulation
- Wavy surface textured, wave-like pattern
- Silvery sheen
- Fine grained
- Foliation: Schistosity
- All minerals flat
- Multiple layers of large, flattened down minerals
- (most amount of pressure/heat, add more and it turns back to igneous)
- Foliation: Banded of layered
- Minerals settle into bands
Non-foliated Metamorphic Rocks
Rocks that have experienced heat and little to no pressure
- Marble (limestone)
- Hornfels (Mudstone)
- Quartzite (sandstone)
- Anthracite (coal)
Thermal or Contact Metamorphism
- Heat only (little to no pressure)
- Ex: surface rocks heated by lava, bedrock surrounded by intrusions is heated
Dynamothermal or Regional Metamorphism
- Heat, compression, shearing, PRESSURE
- Happens deep within subduction zone (deep burial heats, compresses and shears rocks)
- Common in continental-continental crust collisions