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What are the three types of Volcanic Products?
Lava Flows, Pyroclastic Debris, Volcanic Gas
What increases the viscosity of lava?
A gray eruption refers to what characteristics of an eruption?
Explosive and Pyroclastic
A red eruption refers to what characteristics of an eruption?
Effusive and Lava flows
What increases the explosiveness of an eruption?
The viscosity of the lava
True/False: Gas bubbles escape easier from high viscous substances than from low.
What increases the explosiveness of an eruption?
The amount of gas
What are the controlling factors in volcano geomorphology?
The type of eruption
The type of flow
What type of volcano has broad, sloped cones?
shield volcano
What type of volcano has low viscosity, silica content, and gas content, with thin lava flows?
shield volcano
What type of volcano is characterized by steep sloped piles of volcanic debris and some lava flows?
cinder cones
Which volcanoes have intermediate silica content, gas content, and viscosity, with thin lava flows?
Cinder cones
What volcanoes are characterized by alternating pyroclastic and effusive lava flows?
The volcano most likely to landslide is a
What are the four parts of a typical volcano?
Flake vent, crater, magma chamber, and summit vent
what kind of flows are characterized by a ropy texture?
Pahoehoe flows
What kind of flows are characterized as rubbly with angular pieces?
Aa flows
What are blob like shaped pieces that form underwater?
silicic intrusive rock
intermediate instrusive rock
mafic intrusive rock
silicic extrusive rock
intermediate extrusive rock
mafic extrusive rock
what is powder sized, glassy debris?
ash laden pyroclastic debris happened in what two places?
Mt. Pinatubo, Phillipines
St. Augustine Volcano, Alaska
what are pieces of cooling lava that become streamlined as they travel through the air?
nuee ardente and glowing cloud refer to what phenomenon?
pyroclastic flow
What are the places pyroclastic flow has been recognized? (in the slides)
Mt pinatubo, St augustine, Mt. St. helens, Soufriere Hills volcano in Caribbean Islands, Mayon Volcano - Phillipines, and 1902 disaster in St. Pierre (Martinique)
What is a bubble trapped inside cooling lava?
A vesicle
What four gases are associated with volcanic gas?
water vapor (H2)
carbon dioxide (CO2)
sulfur dioxide (SO2)
Hydrogen sulfide (HS)
What was the disastrous event that involved a dangerous gas eruption?
Lake Nyos, Cameroon, Africa

1700 died when CO2 released from river