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CEQA is modeled after?
EIR is created for significant impacts of which state law?
EIS is created for significant impacts of which federal law?
What is CEQA and NEPA's fatal flaw?
Alternatives are unadmittable-they are not better than the project. The alternative is killed instantly.
Finding of no significant impact
EIR req'd during a County Gen Plan but not City?
Final EIR must be certified within one year of acceptance?
False - 180 days
Purpose of a IS is to avoid and EIR?
Who should be contacted if native american remains are found by the lead agency?
Native American Heritage Commission
Which are impacts to a EIR/EIS?
All of the above..
Land Evaluation Site Assessment requires agencies to quantify and evaluated the effect of activities on farmland.
Determining feasibility of alternative should include which factors?
Economic, Social, Legal, Technical (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Which type of enviro impact is not a enviro impact? Short term, socio economic, long term?
Socio economic?
What agency coordinates with CEQA?
State Clearinghouse
What is the req'd contents of IS?
Project description and findings
What is not req'd contents of a ND?
A note from mom! : )
What two agencies are not trustee agencies?
Coastal Commission and Director of Oil, Gas and Natural Resources
Does the Lead Agency/Pubic Agency have principal responsiblity for approving a project?
DEIR should include:
The Public comments (becausethey have not been heard and are included in the FEIR
T/F When responding to comments on a draft EIR/EIR the Lead Agency musct perform all research demanded by the public
Analysis of Cumul Impacts under NEPA
1. 10 resources important from cuml impact perspective
2. Geographic scope and timeframe for analysis
3. Determine effects of proposed action
4. Determine past, present and reasonable foreseeable future actions
5. Determine significance of magnatude
How Cumul Impacts work in practice
1. Start with Affected Enviro (Natural conditions plus impacts of past projects)
2. Add impacts of proposed action
3. Add impacts of other present projects
4. Add impacts of reasonable forseeable future projects = cumulative impacts
Example of cumul impacts
1.(affected enviro) 10,000
2. plus (proposed action)500 tree clear cut
3. plus (impacts of other present projects)1500 acres
4. plus 2000 acres (reasonably forseeable)
5. Cumul impacts equal is 5000 acres/tree etc
How do you identify both project and cumul impacts as impacts?
Proposed = incremental
Cumul = collective effect
What is Lands Council vs. Powell?
EIS on watershed restoration with 17.5 million board feet (mpf) was inadequate for failure to properly eval cumulative impacts
Past projects with adequate cumulative effects must include?
A list of past projects that describes the nature and size of each effect
What must CI analysis consider (according to EPA)?
1. Resources and ecosystem components
2. Geographic boundries and time periods
3. Past, Present and reasonably forseeable condition of environment
4.Thresholds to assess resource degradation (what standars are you going to use)
According to CEQ, what must a CI analysis have?
1. Identify past, prsent, reasonably forseeable future actions,
2. Direct, indirect, effects regardless who proposes,
3. Evaluation effects on each resource, ecosystem and community
4. Focus on truly meaningful effects
5. Not be limited by politcal/administrative boundaries
6. Address synergistic interations (will this cause something else)
7. Look beyone life of proposed action
8. Focus on resource and ecosystem holding capacity
Which two are the most commonly used Statutory Exemptions?
Ministerial Projects and Emergency Project