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A term used to indicate the number and diversity of species on Earth.
What is Biodiversity? (254)
Counting the number of known species with the estimated number of unknown species, there may be some 13 million species living on Earth.
Legal______ makes sure only a certain number of game animals
are killed each year for population control. Illegal ______ is called poaching and is against the law since it involves indiscriminant killing without any regulations.
What is Hunting? (256)
Ethical killing of animals for food or control of population vs. unethical mass killing of animals (ex. for ivory or furs or body parts)
A species that is not native to a particular region.
What are Exotic Species? (258)
These new species can threaten existing species since they have no natural predators.
A species of great importance
in an ecosystem because its loss might because it loss
migh cause the complete collapse of the ecosystem.
What is a Keystone species?
Ex. Sea Otters were killed for their fur which allowed sea urchins to eat up too much of the kelp which other animals ate.
A 1973 Act of U.S. Congress
designed to protect any plant or animal species in danger of extinction.
What is the Endangered Species Act? (261)
This act protects animal habitats to help prevent extinctions. 902 species were listed in April 1998.
A species whose numbers have fallen so low that it is likely to become extinct in the near future.
What is an Endangered Species?
Ex. American crocodile, Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle, Florida Manatee, et. al.
A species likely to become endangered if protective measures are not taken immediately.
What is a Threatened Species?
As of April 1998, 233 species were listed as threatened in the U.S.
Any illegal hunting of animals for sport or money.
What is Poaching? (264)
CITES helped stop the slaughter of African elephants for their tusks.
Storehouses of genetic diversity.
What is Biodiversity? (254)
Planet Earth has a biologically diverse collection of organisms which is difficult/impossible to classify in total.
Stores germ-plasm for future use in case species become critically endangered.
What is a Germ-Plasm Bank? (268)
Plants can be stored here as seeds and animals as frozen sperm and eggs.
People that invest large amounts of money in buying land and designing plans for building.
What are Developers? (263)
Businessment dealing in Real Estate often conflict with Environmentalists and Conservationists over the best use of land.
People that want to keep the environment healthy.
What are Environmentalists?
Tens of thousands of controversial court cases have been settled through compromise
An agreement resulting from the Earth Summit that encourages wealthier countries to give money to poorer countries for the protection of potentially valuable species.
What is the Biodiversity Treaty? (266)
A treaty signed into law by President Clinton when he was elected for his 1st term.
Breeding endangered of threatened species in zoos or wild animal parks.
What are Captive-Breeding Programs? (267)
Ex. the California Condor was
saved from extinction between 1986 and 1998 using this process.