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The continental crust of the earth is _____________ while the oceanic crust is _____________.
thicker and lighter than the oceanic crust; similar in composition to the mantle
________ in the mantle and core make tectonic plates move.
Convection currents
“Subduction” is the process of a tectonic plate
being forced below another plate.
Which of the following statements regarding tectonics is true?
When oceanic plates collide with continental plates, the continent usually rides up over the seafloor.
The “ring of fire” is the source of more earthquakes and volcanic activity than any other place on earth. What causes the ring of fire?
the subduction of Pacific plates under continental plates
Rocks are _______ in the process called the rock cycle.
broken down and re-formed
Rocks are classified according to their
All of these are used to classify rocks.
Rock formed from magma extruded to the surface through volcanic vents is classified as
The physical breakdown of a rock into smaller pieces is called
mechanical weathering.
Metamorphic rocks are produced when rocks are
recrystallized by heat and pressure.
The two main gases making up the lower atmosphere are
nitrogen and oxygen.
The atmospheric zone where most weather events occur is the
The correct sequence of atmospheric zones upward from the earth’s surface is
troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere.
When cool, dry air sinks from the upper atmosphere toward the Earth’s surface, it is
compressed and becomes warmer.
The Coriolis effect is caused by the
rotation of the Earth.
The Southern Hemisphere has __________ wind patterns because of the presence of __________ than the Northern Hemisphere.
more stable; more ocean and less landmass
Two jet streams run over the Northern Hemisphere. These are generally located
along the northern border of Mexico, and through Canada and the northern United States.
When El Niño occurs every three to seven years, a mass of warm Pacific water that is usually pushed westward by trade winds
surges back eastward toward South America.
As far as we are currently aware, who were the first people to notice the El Niño Southern Oscillation cycle?
Peruvian fishermen
Most of the excessive carbon dioxide that is expected to cause global warming is generated by
burning of fossil fuels and production of cement and clearing of forests only.
The total amount of water on the Earth ____________ from year to year and the hydrologic cycle ________________.
stays about the same; moves it from one place to another place
Most water in the atmosphere has evaporated from the ocean, and ______ rain falls back into the sea. About ________ % of the earth’s total rain falls on land.
most; 10
The hydrologic compartment that contains the greatest amount of fresh water is
ice and snow.
The place where aquifers are most likely to be contaminated is at
recharge zones.
A country’s renewable water supplies are generally made up of
surface runoff and infiltration into accessible aquifers.
Which of the following factors is the most important factor in determining whether a country is “water rich” or “water poor”?
renewable water supplies
Withdrawal is the total amount of water
taken from rivers, lakes, or aquifers.
In general, water use in poor countries is dominated by
agricultural use.
A method of increasing water supplies that has been successful, if expensive, is
desalinization by reverse osmosis.
Principal problems that have resulted from the construction of large dams include
All of these are correct.
The World Health Organization regards health as primarily a matter of ________ well being.
physical, mental, and social
Historically, the greatest threats to human health came from
pathogenic organisms.
Infectious diseases such as diarrhea are closely linked to
Diseases such as the recent outbreak of cholera and ebola are
All of these are characteristics of diseases such as cholera and ebola.
The cutting of rainforests causes a lack of normal water flow into the soil. Puddles of water can stand for long periods. Which of the following statements best explains how rainforest destruction is closely tied with human morbidity and mortality?
Mosquitoes with an aquatic larval form spread many highly contagious diseases.
Parasitic worms are very common in areas where
sanitation is poor.
Hazardous substances ______________ while toxins are ______________.
are dangerous substances; poisonous substances
Toxic substances are dangerous because they
react or interfere with specific cell functions.
When comparing the toxicity of natural and synthetic chemicals, natural chemicals are ________ synthetic chemicals.
on average, just as toxic
Which of the following statements is true?
If a substance is toxic, its toxicity is highly dependent on its form and where it is present in the environment.