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what are the economically important metals?
aluminum 8%
iron 5.8 %
copper .0058%
What kind of plate boundaries do Copper, Molybdenum, mercury and gold deposits come from ?
convergent plate boudaries.

- this explains th e coincidence between ore deposits and mountains.
What are the types of Ore Deposits?
- Igneous

- Hydrothermal

- sedimentary

- weathering
what are igneous ore deposits ?
this is when the cooling of hot magma settles at the bottom of magma chambers.
where do you extract diamonds from?
kimberlite pipe
what is a secondary enrichment?
this is when there is an alluminum ore deposit beneath the water table. then when it rains the allunimum seeps out.
What is a RESOURCE?
The entire amount of material known to exist
What is a RESERVE?
mineral deposits that can be economically recovered ( mined with existing technologies.