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(T/ F) The main sewage treatment plants on Guam remove enough nutrients to prevent eutrophication.
(T/ F) Risk assessment is part of most citizens’ decisions about alternative solutions of environmental problems.
(T/ F) If a chemical meets the definition of hazardous waste, then it usually will harm both humans and other animals.
(T/ F) Global warming is the only form of climate change for which good scientific evidence exists.
(T/ F) Countries want to ban CFCs as quickly as possible mainly because CFCs cause the Greenhouse Effect.
(T/ F) Sustainable harvesting of Guam’s reef fishes can meet the demand for such fish by all the 150,000 people living here.
(T/ F) We know that overfishing is occurring, when the fish we catch get smaller every year.
(T/ F) Sea level rise is only a problem for those atolls that expect to be underwater when the ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic melt.
(T/ F) It is easier to overharvest a turtle species that first breeds at 20 years old than it is to overharvest a turtle species that breeds at 2 years old (assuming they both have the same number of eggs).
(T/ F) We will be forced to get our energy needs from alternative energy sources in the next 100-200 years, because most fossil energy sources will not be available.
Types of hazardous waste include:
a)hot water released from a power plant
b)chemicals like PCBs, which may cause cancer in humans
c)acid from car batteries
d)pesticides that break down into harmless ingredients after being exposed to sunlight for 2 weeks.
Ways to protect groundwater from pollution include:
a)regulate types of development projects built above the aquifer
b)use the land above the aquifer for a traditional golf course
c)pump water from wells until some brackish water is found in the pumps
d)connect all houses above the water lens to a sewage system (that goes to the sewage treatment plant)
Possible ways for each of us to help reduce the bad results of the Greenhouse Effect include:
a)turn off the air conditioner in our car
b)use less hairspray
c)buy a car or truck that gets good gas mileage
d)recycle the Freon (CFC) in our refrigerator, instead of letting the Freon escape into the atmosphere
Sustainable development in Micronesia can include:
a)ecotourism (nature tourism)
b)"mining" our reef fisheries to support the demand for reef fish in Japan
c)developing a resort like Disneyland in the Rock Islands in Palau
d)selling licenses to as many tuna boats as we can find who want to fish near our islands
Alternative energy sources that could be important in much of Micronesia include:
a)heat from active volcanoes
b)solar power
c)wind power