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What are some issues with hydroelectric?
dams impact on enviro, displace people,end species
What is the current major use of coal?
to generate electricity
How does a population remain constant?
2 people must repoduce themselves (birthrate=deathrate)
What are some early sources of energy ? And what type of sources are they?
human, animal,wood,wind,water are all renewable sources of energy
What is the current major use of oil?
in trasportation.
What are some functions of and ecosystem?
production, respiration,H2O cycle, decomposition
What are some reasons for distribution patterns?
social/genetic predisposition, resource dist., lifecycles
What are the types of energy used by humans?
nonrenewable,renewable, nuclear
T/F the future use of coal is assured?
What are some issues with renewable energy?
cost and some environmental issues
What are the 3 basic theories of moral environmental responsibility? Compare.
all support envionmental responsibility but in different ways.
What is the carrying capacity?
the number of individuals of a species that can survive(and repro)in an area over time
What are the types of ecosystems? What are they based on?
terrestrial: temperature & water amount
aquatic: salinity & flow
The US has what percent of the coal?
Is environmental science a science?
Define anthropocentric.
responsibility derived from human interests alone
What is the current major use of natural gas?
Heating homes
Define biocentrism.
Belief that all life/ species have right to live and reproduce
Name some other types of rennewable energy.
List 10 examples of ecosysytems:
Desert, grassland,tundra,permanent ice,coniferous forest, temperate deciduous forest,savanna, marine, freshwater
Explain Law of the Minimum.
some signifigant factor controlls what population is (algae-nutrients, bears-food)
What 4 factors set a carrying capacity?
1 avail. of raw materials
2 avail nrg
3 accum & disp. of wastes
4 interaction'tween organisms
What is primary succesion?
occurs in an area where there was no community, primary succession ends when a climax ecosystem is established.
What is a renewable energy? Give examples.
Wood, hydro, solar,wind, geothermal
What is nonrenewable energy? Give examples.
energy with a finite amount, coal,oil,natural gas
Compare K and R reproductive strategies.
both are succesfull strats, K has a long life,r a short;K low# off,r high #'K lots of parent care,r none'K big org.,r small; CC:K reached and mantianed, r almost never reached factors that affect KNRG(densitydepen),r (densityindep) stocastic events such as temp
what are the types of energy?
kinetic, potential, heat, chemical, light, electrical
Define energy.
the ability to work and transfer matter
What are some issues with oil?
the extraction, oil spills, combustion of it(pollution)
Name a major step in primary succession.
Soil building
What are the laws of thermodynamics
1Conservation of Energy 2Tendency toward Equilibrium
3Absolute Zero

What is mortality?
The number of indiv. lost fromthe pop. through death
what is a population?
a group of individuals of the same species inhabiting the area
Environmental science is interdisciplinary. What are some examples of this?
Economics, politics, biology, earth scince, philosophy agriculture, chemistry
Salmon decline:hatcheries, habitat, hydropower, harvest
Is the future of natural gas assured?
In the begining what supplied energy?
plants and animals
Define ecocentrism.
belief that the environment is itself a moral entity with worth and rights
What are thethoughts of moral environmental use?
Development, preservation, conservation
Do all species have the same sex ratio?
Why has there been an increase in human population recently?
it is due to the increased availability of energy
What are some issues with natural gas?
it is very flammable, turns to (O2) and H2O
What is the development ethic?
Humans are master of the universe; enviro here for us to use (how does this serve people if everything is gone?)
What is the preservation ethic?
Nature itself is good and has intrinsic value
Need to preserve at all costs, all of nature (what do we keep and who decided?)
Who constantly alters the process of succesion?
Who are the three top oil reserves?
1 Saudi Arabia
2 iraq
3.united arab emirates
T/F non renewable sources of energy are formed by natural processes
What percent of our energy today comes from renewable resources?
10%; 90% are non renewable
What are some later forms of energy?
Oil, coal, natural gas,
What for of energy helped the industrial revolution?
What is the conservation ethic?
Recognizes the benefits and costs of environmental use. we need it to live sustainably)
What are some issued with coal?
ecosystems are disrupted by toxic waste, health issues (black lung), transportation pollution
Contrast ethics and morals.
Ethics: define fundamental truth (right wrong)
Morals: define how people feel about ethics
Compare high vs low diversity: Give examples of each type:
genetic diversity means survival, both are important
Who has the most natural gad researves?
former USSR, Iran
WHy is it an issue that natural processes occur slower.
We will run out at our current rate of use.
Define matter.
Something that has mass and exists as a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma.
What is natality?
the number of individuals added to the pop. through reproduction
Describe the four basic types of survivorship curves.
1.Humans,whales: constant until post repro where survial drops sharp
2.sea gulls: constant whole life
3.deer: high mort while young constant at repro and drops at post repro
4.mice:high early mortality then evens through repro and post repro
Define density.
the number of individuals per unit area
Name the distribution patterns and thier occurance.
random: rare
Draw a clumped pattern. Why does it occur and in what?
resources uneven dist. located near resources. humans xx xx xxxxx
xxxx xxxxxx
x xxxxx
Draw the standard population growth curve.
What is secondary succesion? Give example:
occurs after the partial or complete destruction of a community. The damaged community is replaced by another or by a series of other communities.
Beaver pond: beavers build dam flood and kill trees upstream, once abandoned trees slowly grow back
What is biodiversity?
The number of different typesof organisms.
Is biodiversity good or bad?
It can be both.
What sre some beneficial uses od an ecosystem?
food,water,O2, waste removal and soil building
What are some functions of and ecosystem?
production, respiration,H2O cycle, decomposition
Define ecosystem:
a specific biological community and its physical environment interacting to exchange matter and energy
Draw a random pattern.
random:xx x xxx x xxxxxx x xx xxx x
What is environmental science?
The study of the land, air, water, and living environments and the effects of technology theron.
Name two some other ethics than devlopment, preservation and conservation.
corporate and environmental justice
Draw an even pattern. Why does it occur and what are some affects.
homog resources, often adverse reactions;bears lions
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