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The maximum growth rate; the rate at which a population would grow if every new individual survived to adulthood and reproduced at its maximum capacity.
What is Biotic Potential? (333)
The B.P.for human population is estimated at 6% per year meaning it can double in 12 years.
Resources that limit the growth of a population including food, water, shelter, & nesting sites.
What is Limiting Resources?
Crowding causing competion for limited resources brings exposure to predators, parasites, and diseases.
The combined effect of all the
factors that limit population growth (crowding, exposure to predators, parasites & diseases.)
What is Environmental Resistance? (335)
A force opposing Biotic Potential.
The maximum population size an environment can support for a long period of time.
What is Carrying Capacity
A graph of a population approaching its C.C. is the S-curve. It may change over time.
People who obtain their food by hunting, fishing, and gathering wild plant foods.
What are Hunters & Gatherers?
Humans did this over 99% of their history on Earth.
About 10,000 yrs. ago when man changed from Hunting & Gathering to subsistance agriculture through domestication of plants & animals.
What is Agricultural Revolution? (337)
When enough food could be grown to allow others to specialize.
People driven from their homes by severe environmental damage causing loss of food (famine), loss of water (drought), and warfare displacement,
What are Environmental Refugees? (335)
Causes increased immigration and emigration.
The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development sponsored to agree on environmental controls.
What was the 1992 Earth Summit? (355)
Passed Agenda 21 as a blueprint for protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. It helped developing countries become industrialized w/o degrading the environment.
An organization in 1949 that voted to limit commercial whaling vessels to operations wn a nation's territorial waters.
What is the International Whaling Commission? (356-357)
Estabished a method for calculating the permitted quota of whales that could be killed in a year. A permanent whale sanctuary was made in Antarctica in 1994.
All federal agencies must file this legal statement for any proposed legislation or project that would have a significant effect on the equality of the environment.
What is the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or Environmental Assessment.
The EIS must state the need for the project, its environmental impact, and how its impact can be minimized.
Ex. proposals for construction projects of dams, highways, airports, require this.