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Almost every new business raises its initial money from the founders themselves and informal investors: family, friends, neighbors, work partners, and ____.
Rarest source of capital is _____
venture capital
While classic vent cap finance very few companies some of the ones that they do finance play a crucial role in the development of _____ industries.
knowledge base
In contrast to informal investment, classic vent cap. only invest in _____.
growth and innovation
a relatively sophisticated group of informal investors.
business angels
The capital gain on the harvest is shared ________ between the limited partners and the general partners once the limited partners have received all of the principle from the initial investment.
80% - 20%
Since the mid 1990's, venture cap grew rapidly as most nations were striving to emulate the impact an ________ .
US Economy
Entrepreneurs need to understand that they themselves will have to put up about _____ to launch their ventures.
2/3 of initial capital