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Todays Fresh Fish Mkt
filleted in hosue daily, simply grilled over hardwood with seasonal vegetables.
Hardwood grilled trout
simpley prepared trout served with seasonal vegetable
hand filleted salon
woodgrilled and served with seasonal vegetables
seasonal vegetable plate
this seasons hand selected vegetables served with couscous
todays pan fired fish mkt
served with our dill tartar, thick sliced tomato, and coleslaw.
rotisserie chicken
bell and evans organic chicken served with apricot glaze and couscous
Jumbo fried shrimp
Served with cocktail and remoulade sauces and coleslaw
Hawaiian Rib Eye
Marinated then grilled over hardwood, served with a baked potato
Barbecue Pork Ribs
Slow cooked, fall off the bone pork ribs, with shoestring french fries and coleslaw.
Double Cut pork shop
Cured in house and hardwood grilled, served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables
Roasted Prime Rib
Aged prime rib roasted on the bone, served with shoestring french fries.
Center cut filet
beef tenderloin grilled over hardwood served with a loaded baked potato.