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What is the most desirable way of providing nutrition? (Oral, parenteral, enteral?)
When is enteral feeding chosen over parenteral feeding?
When the stomach or intestine is still able to digest nutrients.
Why is enteral feeding preferred over parenteral nutrition?
It improves use of nutrients, generally safer, maintains structure and fxn of gut, and is less expensive.
Which tube is used most frequently for enteral nutrition?
Small-bore tubes (usually 8Fr to 12 French) inserted through the nose & advanced to the stomach or proximal small intestine.
How should the initial placement of a feeding tube be verified?
Via an abd x-ray.
Name three ways nurses give tube feedings:
1) bolus amt via gravity w/ large-bore syringe
2) intermittent gravity drip given over 30 mins to 1 hour several times per day using a pouch to hang the feeding
3) continuous drip given per infusion drip over 24 hours
What should the nurse always do before administering medication or tube feedings?
Verify placement of tube.
How can tubes be misplaced?
Normal movements, excessive coughing
What complications can result from a tube migrating to the lung?
Aspiration, pneumonia, pneumothorax, peritonitis.
What complications can arise from prolonged intubation?
Nasal erosion, sinusitis, esophagitis, gastric ulceration, pulmonary aspiration.
Why is aspiration such a risk in clients c a decreased LoC?
Impaired cough and gag reflexes.
Clients with ____ gastric volumes had a ______ aspiration risk.
higher, greater