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What is another name for pinna?
What organ system develops around the same time as pinna? Abnormalities of this organ system must always be checked if abnormal appearance of external ear.
Renal – check urinary tract
What radiological test would be used to assess abnormalities of this system?
IVP (intravenous pyelogram)
What is the term used to describe an abnormally small external ear?
How is microtia corrected?
Autogenous bone graft from rib 11/12. Also tissue expansion, alloplastic implants, or prostheses.
What is another name for skin tag?
What is the name for the surgical procedure used to correct protruding pinna?
Where is the preauricular sinus found (in front of what specific anatomic structure of the ear)?
Adjacent to anterior margin of ascending limb of helix
What is the general course of treatment for infected preauricular sinuses?
Initially, culture and antibiotic treatment.
After infection subsides, surgery to remove sinus tract; try to avoid incomplete removal.
Is “cauliflower ear” a preventable condition? If so, how?
Treat hematoma or cause first. Use proper headgear.
What are the presenting symptoms of auricular perichondritis?
Presents with dull pain, redness, warmth, and swelling.
How can cellulitis of the ear be differentiated from perichondritis?
Cellulitis will involve the lobule of the ear. Perichondritis will not.
What is the antibiotic of choice in the treatment of auricular perichondritis?
Fluoroquinolone- ciprofloxacin
Is the incidence of keloids greater is AA or Caucasians?
AA (15x>)
Explain the difference between keloid and hypertrophic scar?
Keloids extend outside the boundaries of initial incision. Hypertrophic scars stay within the boundaries of incision
What is another name for wart?
Verruca vulgaris
What is an osteoma?
A new piece of bone usually growing in another piece of bone. Essentially, a cartilage/bony growth.
What are polyps usually pathognomonic of?
Severe middle ear disease and cholesteatoma
What bacteria is the most common cause of furuncles (it resides on your skin surface)?
Staphylococcus aureus.
What complication of Herpes Zoster Oticus should you as a provider be concerned about?
Postherpetic neuralgia and residual paralysis (facial nerve)
What cranial nerve is the facial nerve?
A new case of external otitis is presenting in an older person can signal the onset of what disease?
Diabetes mellits
What are the signs of serous otitis?
o Dull, grey, amber, or red TM
o Bubbles or air fluid levels
o TM retracted and moves to negative pressure
o TM thickend
o Increased vascularity (opaque)
What are the two predominating organisms associated with bacterial acute otitis media?
Beta hemolytic strep and diplococcus pneumonia
Paralysis of CNVI may be part of _____ disease, which indicate pathology at the tip of the temporal bone.
Gradenigo’s syndrome
What common deformity concerning the ears is found in children with cleft lip/palate?
Eustachian tube dysfunction- fluid and germs become trapped behind eardrum, which leads to infection.
Waardenburg’s syndrome is autosomal dominant or recessive?
What is the cause of progressive deafness in patients with NF1?
Acoustic neuromas associated with the disease
Acoustic trauma on an audiogram is indicated by a characteristic dip at ____cylces?
4000 cycles
BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) lasts for approximately how long?
Less than 30 seconds
Meniere’s disease last for approximately how long?
30 minutes to 2 hours
Vestibular neuronitis disease last for approximately how long?
24-48 hours
What is another term for port wine stain?
Naevus flammeus
What is the most common serious intracranial infection that results from cellulitis of the nose/face?
Cavernous sinus thrombosis
What treatment is indicated for nasal abscess?
Intranasal drainage and treatment with antibiotics
What is the most common cause of nasal polyps?
What is the greatest problem associated with nasoseptal hematomas?
Hole left in nasal septum
What is the term used to refer to cosmetic reconstruction of the nose?
What may develop if spontaneous closure of the cribiform plate fails to occur over a 6 week period?
Recurrent bacterial meningitis
Define “allergic shiner”.
Dark rings under eyes due to venous stasis
Define “allergic salute”.
Persistent upward rubbing of the nose results in crease mark
An adolescent boy presents with severe and recurrent posterior nosebleeds, what diagnosis is number one on your differential?
Juvenile angiofibroma
What diagnostic procedure is used when there is suspicion of leukoplakia?
What are some common predisposing factors of leukoplakia?
Tobacco use, chronic irritation, alcohol use, and severe immune deficiency such as HIV
Pathology of what system should be explored when a patient present with bifid uvula and/or submucosal cleft palate?
Middle ear pathology
When is submaxillary pain due to submaxillary duct stone most prominent?
During and after eating
What symptoms are associated with mononucleosis?
Severe fatigue, headache, sore throat (sometimes very severe), chills followed by fever, muscles aches. After a day or two the following symptoms may occur: lymphadenopathy, jaundice, measle-like skin rash anywhere on the face or body, soreness in LUQ due to enlarged spleen.
What are the indications for tonsillectomy in patients who present with tonsillar hypertrophy/tonsillitis?
Obstruction of swallowing/breathing especially during sleep.
The retropharyngeal abscess is common among what age group?
Infants and very young children
What is the major symptom of vocal cord nodules
Persistent hoarseness
What is the cause of true vocal cord nodules?
Vocal abuse
Describe the PE findings associated with Bell’s Palsy
Total paralysis of left facial nerve with absence of left forehead wrinkling, poor eye closure, absence of nasolabial fold, and absence of lip movement and ability to smile
If no damage to orbital floor, a subconjunctival hematoma should resolve by itself in approximately how many weeks?
4 weeks
What are the treatment options for cases of frequent and unrelenting painful episodes of parotitis?
Superficial parotidectomy or parotid duct dilation
Most large cervical nodes are due to infection from _____ and _____?
Group A beta-hemolytic streptococci or staphylococcus aureus
What is the most common malignant neck mass in adolescents?
Mass secondary to Hodgkin’s lymphoma
What histological finding gives the contents of a dermoid cyst the appearance of a cheesy white material?

What other findings differentiate this mass from a sebaceous cyst?
* Desquamated epithelium.
* Differentiated from sebaceous cyst by presence of hair and skin appendages.