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Calliphoridae (Early-Fresh, Bloat <more>, Decomp)
Blow flies
Muscidae (Early-Fresh, Bloat <more>, Decomp)
House flies
Silphidae (Mid-Fresh, Bloat, Decomp)
Carrion Beetles
Histeridae (Mid-Fresh, Bloat, Decomp)
Hister beetle
Staphylinidae (Mid-Fresh, Bloat, Decomp)
Rove Beetles
Sarcophagidae (Mid-Fresh, Bloat, Decomp)
Flesh flies
Nitidulidae (Decomp, Dry)
SAP beetles
Cleridae (Decomp, Dry)
Checkered beetles
Trogidae (Decomp, Dry)
Hide Beetles
Dermestidae (Decomp, Dry)
Skin/Carpet Beetles
Sponging flies
House & Blow flies
Biting flies
Stable flies
Winter gnats
Nematocera: Trichoceridae (saprophagous)
Eat any type of decaying matter
Nematocera: Psychodidae
Moth-flies (saprophagous)
Brachycera: Stratiomyidae
Soldier flies (saprophagous)
Cyclorrhapha: Calliphoridae
Blow flies
The part of the integument of an insect which surrounds the spiracles.
Calliphora vicina
European Bottle fly (pollinose Abdomen: not shiny)
Calliphora vomitoria
Holarctic Blue Bottle fly
Chrysomya megacephala
Oriental Latrine Fly
Chrysomya rufifacies - maggot
Hairy maggot Blow fly
Cochliomyia macellaria
Secondary Screwworm fly
Cochliomyia hominovorax (myiasis)
Primary Screwworm fly
Lucilia illustris
Green Bottle/Blow fly
Phaenicia coeruleiviridis
Green Bottle/Blow fly
Phaenicia cuprina (myiasis)
Bronze Bottle Fly
Phaenicia sericata
Sheep Bottle fly
Phormia regina
Black Bottle fly (actually dark olive green)
Cyclorrhapha: Sarcophagidae (Checker board abdomen - red butt)
Sarcophaga spp.
S. hemorrhoidalis
Fannia canicularis
Lesser House fly (filth fly)
Fannia canicularis
contain "floats"
Hydrotaea/Ophyra leucostoma
Black dump fly (metallic black)
Musca domestica
Common House fly (look at abdomen to not confuse with flesh fly)
Cyclorrhapha: Piophilidae
Piophila spp (skipper flies)
Cyclorrhapha: Sepsidae
Black scavenger flies