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Crossed the Isthmus of Panama

First to see the Pacific Ocean
Hernando de Soto
Conquered Florida killing members of many tribes living there
Prince Henry
Established a center for navigation
Olaudah Equiano
Wrote an autobiography about his voyage on the Middle Passage
7 Cities of Gold
Isabella and Ferdinand
Funded Columbus's exploration
Thomas Paine
Wrote Common Sense and The Crisis
John Locke
"Natural Rights"
Eli Whitney
Invented the Cotton gin
Lewis and Clark
Mapped the Louisianna Territory
Writing system
Brigham Young
Led mormons to Great Salt Lake territory
John Deere
invented the steel plow
Francis Cabot Lowell
Built American textile manufacturing industry
Sojourner Truth
Promoted Womans Rights
John Wilkes Booth
Assassinated Abraham Lincoln
Dred Scott
Tried to sue for freedom
Denmark Vesey
Called for an uprising of slaves
Joseph Smith
founded the mormon faith
Harriet Tubman
Underground Railroad
Clara Barton
Red Cross
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederacy
Portuguese - found westward route to Asia
Cabeza de Vaca
Traveled through Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico
killed an Incan ruler
Ulysses S. Grant
War GeneralCortes
Leif Erikkson
North American settlement
George Washington
Commander of the Continental army
Established Mexico City
Patrick Henry
Refused to attend the Constitutional
John Brown
Planned to raid against slavery
Andrew Jackson
First president impeached