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Who shot Lincoln?
John Wilkes Booth
1st President to be impeached
Andrew Johnson
1st battle of Spanish American War
Battle of Manila Bay
Wilson's 14 points
program of world peace
9 of Wilson's 14 points delt with
self determination
Final point of Wilson's 14 points
League of Nations
Why did the automobile industry grow?
interchangeable parts / assembly line
What installment plans caused om American Life
debt -> depression
Al Capone's gang tried to control
Detective deticated to tracking gangsters and his group of detectives
Elliot Ness - untouchables
Biggest celebrity in 1920's
Charles A. Lindbergh
What people turned to for escape from Depression
alcohol and dancing
Philosophy Hoover had for Depression
"not our fault" "not our problem"
What Americans blamed Drepression suffring on
Who Hitler blamed for Germany after losing WWII
Founder of Fascist Party and belief of fascist party
Mussolini: military controls everything
Soviet leader - turned SU to totalitarian state
Joseph Stalin
Chancellor of Germany and Nazi Party ruler
2 people that signed non-aggressionpact
Stalin and Hitler
What ended Great Depression
mobilization for WWII
How Korean War ended
Who launched Sputnik
Soviet Union
Where Vietnam was divided
17th parallel
Rich men less likely to be drafted
Could afford college
Where Nixon began secret airstrikes
Number of Americans died in Vietnam War