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Where did Gothic Lit begin?
What was the first Gothic work?
1765 The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole.
What were two early works?
Mary Shelly's Frankenstein or the Modern Prometgeys (1818) and Dracula by Bram Stoker (1897)
What were traits of Gothic architecture?
Vaulted ceilings, arches, stained glass windows, gargoyles.
What is an example of Gothic Architecture in France?
Reims Cathedral.
What are characteristics of Gothic Literature?
Mystery, horror, the grotesque, violence, the supernatural.
True or false: is Edgar Allen's biography often disorted?
Why did poe drink?
To escape his life of tragedy and professional failure. But he had a low tolerance for alcohol.
From what disease did numerous of his beloved women die?
Who was his true love and how did she die?
Virginia, his wife, who died from tuberculosis slowly for five years as Poe watched.
What was a common topic in his works?
Death of a beautiful woman.
Because he had experienced such loss himself, including his stepmother, his childhood love, and his wife.
Poe's professional life?
It was full of failure.
What was his grated succes and what did it earn him?
The Raven but it earned him only $14.00
Why did Poe write short storeis?
For $$$. However he is not famous for these.
What did Poe see himself as?
A poet, but he could not make a living from poetry.
What is he considered in terms of American poetry?
The greatest American poet before Walt Whitman.
Why was Poe seen as the "tomahawk" man?
He was an important and brutal literary critic.
What is he credited with the invention of?
The detective story. They provided him with order and logic lacking in hiw own life. Gothic fiction: fiction characterized by mystery, horror, violence, grotesque, and supernatural.
Poe is considered the father of what?
The modern horror story, influencing writers such as Stephen King and Anne Rice.
Along with who else did he perfect the modern short story?
Nathanial Hawthorne.
What did he stress in his short stories?
A single dominant effect. His stories were filled with a sense of anxiety and have a dreamlike quality.
What did Poe explore?
The dark and often irrational side of the human mind.
Who was often said to have explored the dark side of the human heart?
What happened after the death of his wife?
He went insane, desperately trying to find someone to take her place.
How did he die?
His death remains a mystery.His final words were "God help my poor soul".
How did Poe see women?
As angelic figures.
Poe's charactars were often tortured by?
Like many of his characters, Poe was caught between?
Rationality and irrationality and order and chaos.
The masque of red death?
Red death is seen as tuberculosis (consumption) which seemed to kill everyone he loved. A symptom of tuberculosis was coughing up blood and lung tissue.
The raven was about what?
relects the darkness, anger, and frustration Poe felt while watching his wife Virginia die for 5 years.His guilt and anger in trying to keep her fed and warm and give her the medicine she desperately needed are expressed in this. It has a darkness that is a feeling that he will be free from the pain of his "lost lenore" revermore that is refelective on his agaony and desperation.
What type of rhyme did it have?
Internal rhyme. "Once upon a midnight's dreary, while I wandered weak and weary". He establishes immediately the atmospere/tone of darkness/melancholy/suspense/fear/anxiety.
What is the rollercoaster Poe expresses in the raven?
Virginia getting better, then getting worse. The narrarator tries to forget his lost Lenore, but he can't; he is distracted by books (forgotten lore), then the tapping on the door, then the raven, but only momentary.
Annabel lee?
about the loss of Virginia but with a positive view, he seems to have come to terms and is at peace with her passing. Presents a romanticized view of her death.
What is contrary about this tot he RAven?
Narrarator wants to remember his lost love and in the raven, he wants to forget.
Compare and conract: RAVEN?
Lenore is angelic. Speaker wants to forget her because it hurts to remember. Memory of her is full of darkness and despair. Internal rhyme creates suspense and changes in tone which reflects speaker's failed at attempts to forget Lenore.
Compare and contract: ANNABEL LEE?
Annabel Lee is also angelic. But the speaker wants to remember. Romanticized memory of her. Fairy-tale like feel. Sing-song rhythm to poem creates hopeful and nostalgic tone.
Sigmund Freud
Ego:stands in between the Id and the Superego to balance our priminitive needs and our moral beliefs and tabos. Superego: Represented our conscience and counteracted the Id with a primitive and uncscious sense of morality. Id: primary process of thinking: our most priminitive need gratification type thoughts.