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what was Papa's fathers job?
He ran a tea shop
What did papa buy to ride back to long beach in style?
a blue nash
What did papa do the night he returned to the docks?
He burnt everything
What did they figure they were going to have for breakfast the first day
Pancakes with soy sauce
What US service was in charge of the camps
War department
What was the high school yearbook called
"our world"
where was papa taken to for interogation?
north dakota
What were papa's aunts first to do in the family?
go to college
What was mama's job at the camp?
Where was mama raised?
Spokane, Washington
Why was the family afraid to move back to the outside world?
harsh racism
Why did the sister return to the camp?
Because her husband had to leave for the military and she was pregnant
Where did most people move to after Manzanar?
New Jersey
What was Jeanne the first to do in her family?
go to college
Where did the author live while writing this book?
santa cruz
What social class was papa's family from?
samurai class
What did papa compare japan and america to?
his mother and father
For a man in Japan what is no greater disgrace than?
being called an Inu
What kept jeanne in school?
her father's new hob
Why couldnt Jeanne stay in Odori classes
she smiled too much
how much did mama make a month, after manzanar?
19 $
After the riots what was a gift to every family for forgiveness?
a christmas tree
What made everyone sick at camps?
The shots and the food
What does manzanar mean in spanish?
apple orchard
What song made papa cry?
the japenese national anthem
What grade was Jeanne in when they returned to long beach
6th grade
What type of lesson did Jeanne want to try?
Why didnt papa want Jeanne to become catholic(2 reasons)
1)he felt she was too young 2)she wouldnt b able to marry a good japanese boy
what were the 3 "exits" out of manzanar?
go back to japan, join the military, or be relocated
true/false:Jeanne was eight years old when she was sent to manzanar.
false, she was 7
tru or false:Papa was charged with the crime of "signaling"to japanese naval ships.
true or false:Jeanne had many japapnese american girlfriends who went to manzanar with her
true or false:"Issei" meansa first generation to be born in the US
true or false:manzanar was often dusty and cold
true or false: papa had attended the University of Idaho
True or false:'nisei' means first generation to be born in the US
true or false:"sansei" means second generation to be born in Japan