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to take out /ˈteɪkˌaʊt/
a scoate (gunoiul).
to get out /ˈgɛtˌaʊt/
a iesi, a scoate.
wealthy /ˈwɛlθi/
deaf /dɛf/
putter /ˈpʌtər/ (but could be seen pottering around the flowerbeds)
a-si pierde vremea, a lucra degeaba.
strat the flori.
weed /wid/
buruiana, tutun, a plivi.
creep up (even though the weeds were starting to creep up on him)
a se furisa.
contend /kənˈtɛnd/ (Weeds are not the only things Frank had to contend with, either)
a se lupta, a sustine, a se certa.
lawn /lɔn/ (They rode their bicycles over the lawns)
pajiste, teren.
to do sth for a dare (they broke into the old house for a dare)
a face ceva ca o provocare.
devoted /dɪˈvoʊtɪd/ (old Frank was devoted to the house and grounds)
limp /lɪmp/ (it amused them to see him limping across the garden)
a schiopata.
brandish /ˈbrændɪʃ/ ( brandishing his stick and yelling croakily)
a roti deasupra capului, a flutura.
croak /kroʊk/ (brandishing his stick and yelling croakily at them)
a crocani, crocanit.
on his part (Frank, on his part)
de partea lui.
torment /v. tɔrˈmɛnt, ˈtɔrmɛnt; n. ˈtɔrmɛnt/ (the boys tormented him)
chin, tortura, a chinui, a necaji.
odd /ɒd/ (saw something very odd up at the old house)
merely /ˈmɪərli/ (he merely assumed that the boys had gone one step further)
doar, numai.
attempt /əˈtɛmpt/ (in their attempts to punish him)
incercare, efort, a incerca.
pain /peɪn/ (it was paining him worse than ever)
durere, pedeapsa, a durea, a pedepsi.
kettle /ˈkɛtl/ (filling the kettle)
glimmer /ˈglɪmər/ (and saw lights glimmering in its upper windows)
a licari, licarire.
at once (Frank knew at once)
rusty /ˈrʌsti/ (and removing a rusty old key from its hook by the door)
ruginit, invechit.
hook /hʊk/ (and removing a rusty old key from its hook by the door)
prop /prɒp/ (which was propped against the wall)
reazam, sprijin, a sprijini.
set off/forth/out (and set off into the night)
a o porni la drum.
bore /bɔr, boʊr/
a gauri, guara, calibru.
take out (took out the old key, put it into the lock)
a scoate.
cavernous /ˈkævərnəs/
nevertheless /ˌnɛvərðəˈlɛs/ (nevertheless, although it was very dark)
grope  /groʊp/ (he groped the way towards it)
a bajbai.
nostril /ˈnɒstrəl/ (his nostril full of the smell of decay)
decay /dɪˈkeɪ/ (his nostril full of the smell of decay)
descompunere, putrezire, a putrezi.
prick /prɪk/ (ears pricked for any sound of footsteps or voices from overhead)
a ciuli urechile.
owing to
datorita, din cauza ca.
mullion /ˈmʌlyən/ (lighter owing to the large mullioned windows)
bara verticala o ferestra.
muff /mʌf/ (because it muffed the sound of his feet and stick)
a atenua.
ajar /əˈdʒɑr/ (at the very end of the passage a door stood ajar)
sliver /ˈslɪvər/ (casting a long sliver of gold across the black floor)
ceva foarte subtire, o mica portiune din ceva.
cast /kæst, kɑst/ (casting a long sliver of gold across the black floor)
a arunca.
edge /ɛdʒ/ (Frank edged closer and closer)
a avansa gradual si cu precautie.
grate /greɪt/ (The fire, he now saw, had been lit in the grate)
gratar, semineu.
timid /ˈtɪmɪd/
blast /blæst, blɑst/ (and cold as a sudden blast of icy wind)
rafala, curent, se foloseste si cand sufli aer pe jar.
sparse /spɑrs/ (Something about the voice made the sparse hairs on the back of Frank’s neck stand up)
risipit, rar.
disciple /dɪˈsaɪpəl/
follower /ˈfɒloʊər/
emotive /ɪˈmoʊtɪv/
shop assistant
seller /ˈsɛlər/
occasion /əˈkeɪʒən/
ocazie (special).
unconvincing /kənˈvɪnsɪŋ/
dispense with /dɪˈspɛns/
a dispensa.
pigpen /ˈpɪgˌpɛn/
sidewalk  /ˈsaɪdˌwɔk/
traffic road
pension /ˈpɛnʃən/
injure /ˈɪndʒər/
a rani.
upon /əˈpɒn, əˈpɔn/ (the chink of a bottle being put down upon some hard surface)
chink /tʃɪŋk/ (the chink of a bottle being put down upon some hard surface)
crapatura, spartura.
dull /dʌl/ (and then the dull scraping noise)
mohorat, plictisitor.
set out (She set out to explore the house, I think)
a pleca, a porni.
furrow /ˈfɜroʊ, ˈfʌroʊ/ (Brow furrowed)
brazda, cuta, rid.
brow /braʊ/ (Brow furrowed)
spranceana, frunte.
incline /v. ɪnˈklaɪn; n. ˈɪnklaɪn, ɪnˈklaɪn/
a inclina.
comfortable /ˈkʌmftəbəl, ˈkʌmfərtəbəl/
gnarled /nɑrld/ (Frank inserted a gnarled finger into his ear)
earwax /ˈɪərˌwæks/ (to a build-up of earwax)
ceara de urechi.
pour /pɔr, poʊr/
a turna, a curge.
meddler /ˈmɛdl/ (and every meddler from the Ministry of Magic )
bagacios, curios, intrus.
lest /lɛst/ (They will be obsessed with security, lest the Muggles notice anything)
ca sa nu.
detergent /dɪˈtɜrdʒənt/
drawer /drɔr/
drawers /drɔrs/
chiloti de barbati.
radiator /ˈreɪdiˌeɪtər/
calorifer, radiator.
blouse /blaʊs, blaʊz/
bluza de femei si copii.
sweater /ˈswɛtər/
cardigan /ˈkɑrdɪgən/
jacheta, jiletca de tricou.
fold /foʊld/
a impaturi, a impacheta, a plia.
duster /ˈdʌstər/
carpa de praf.