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Gothic Novel
a type of novel characterized by mystery, horror, and the supernatural
anything distorted, ugly, abnormal, fantastic, or bizarre to the point of being ludicrous or absurd

type of writing characterized by exaggeration and distortion
the error, misstep, frailty, of flaw that causes the fall of a tragic hero
Harlem Renaissance
the flourishing of black creativity in New York City's Harlem in the the 1920's
the pursuit of pleasure above all else
the theory and practice of interpreting sacred and literary texts
high comedy
comedy characterized by grace, elegance, and wit, more intellectual than physical, the comedy of manners
historical novel
a novel that attempts to re-creat an historically significant personage or series of events
The Three Musketeers
Greek word for pride or insolence

Aristotle identifies as the defect of character that leads the tragic hero to disregard warnings of impending disaster and thereby hasten the catastrophe
historical criticism
an approach to literary criticism that views the work in the context of the time period in which it was written