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foreboding (n)
sense of something bad to happen; ominous
frugal (ajd)
economical, thrifty
garish (adj)
very showy; gaudy
hackneyed (adj)
commonplace or trite (often with “expression”)
hedonism (n)
): the belief that life should be spend in the pursuit of pleasure; a philosophy of life built on self-indulgence
heinous (adj)
terribly evil; abominable
hypothesis (n)
an unproved theory used as a jumping off place for an investigation or study
imperceptible (adj)
barely noticeable; very subtle
impetuous (adj)
acting or done suddenly with little thought
imply (v)
to suggest, hint, or intimate
impugn (v)
to criticize or challenge as false or questionable; off used in the expression “impugn someone’s motives”
impute (v)
to attribute something to another (especially a bad deed)
incompetent (adj)
lacking adequate skill or ability
indecorous (adj)
not in good taste
indignation (n)
righteous anger, usually at something unjust or unfair