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Atone (v.)
1) To make up for
Bondage (n.)
1) Slavery
2) Any state of being bound or held down
Credible (adj.)
1) Believable
Defray (v.)
1) To pay for
Diligent (adj.)
1) Hardworking, industrious, not lazy
Doleful (adj.)
1) Sad, dreary
Ghastly (adj.)
1) Frightful, horrible
2) Deathly pale
Hamper (v.)
1) To hold back
Hew (v.)
1) To shape or cut down with an axe
2) To hold to
Impoverished (adj.)
1) Poor, in a state of poverty
2) Depleted
Incessant (adj.)
1) Never stopping, going on all the time
Intricate (adj.)
1) Complicated, difficult to understand
Lucid (adj.)
1) Easy to understandm clear
2) Rational, sane
Posthumous (adj.)
1) Occuring or published after death
Prim (adj.)
1) Overly neat, precise, proper, or formal
2) Prudish
Sardonic (adj.)
1) Grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic
Superfluous (adj.)
1) Exceeding what is sufficient or required
2) Excess
Supplant (v.)
1) To take the placeof, supersede
Taunt (v.)
1) To jeer at, mock
Taunt (n.)
1) An insulting or mocking remark
Tenacious (adj.)
1) Holding together firmly
2) Persistant