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Accomplice (n.)
1) A person who takes part in a crime
Annhilate (v.)
1) To destroy completely
Arbitrary (adj.)
1) Unreasonable
2) Based on one's own wishes or whims without regard for reason or fairness
Brazen (adj.)
1) Made of brass
2) Shameless, impudent
Catalyst (n.)
1) A substance that causes or hastens a chemical reaction
2) Any agent that causes change
Exodus (n.)
1) A large-scale departure or flight
Facilitate (v.)
1) To make easier, assist
Incorrible (adj.)
1) Not able to be corrected, beyond control
Latent (adj.)
1) Hidden, present but not realized
Militant (adj.)
1) Given to fighting
2) Active and aggressive in support of a cause
Militant (n.)
1) Activist
Morose (adj.)
1) Having a gloomy or sullen manner
2) Not friendly or sociable
Opaque (adj.)
1) Not letting light through
2) Not clear or lucid
3) Dense, stupid
Paramount (adj.)
1) Chief in importance, above all others
Prattle (v.)
1) To talk in an aimless, foolish, or simple way
Prattle (n.)
1) Baby talk
Rebut (v.)
1) To offer arguments or evidence that contradict an assertion, to refute
Reprimand (v.)
1) To scold, find fault with
Reprimand (n.)
1) A rebuke
Servitude (n.)
1) Slavery, forced labor
Slapdash (adj.)
1) Careless and hasty
Stagnant (adj.)
1) Not running or flowing
2) Foul from standing still
3) Inactive, sluggish, dull
Succumb (v.)
1) To give way to superior force, yield