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Abscond (v.)
1) To run off and hide
Access (n.)
1) Approach or admittance to places, persons, things
2) An increase
Access (v.)
1) To get, obtain
Anarchy (n.)
1) Lack of government and law, confusion
Arduous (adj.)
1) Hard to do, requiring much effort
Auspicious (adj.)
1) Favorable
2) Fortunate
Biased (adj.)
1) Favoring one side unduly
2) Prejudiced
Daunt (v.)
1) To overcome with fear, intimidate
2) To dishearten, discourage
Disentangle (v.)
1) To free from tangles or complications
Fated (adj.)
1) Determined in advance by destiny or fortune
Hoodwink (v.)
1) To mislead by a trick
Inanimate (adj.)
1) Not having life
2) Without energy or spirit
Incinerate (v.)
1) To burn to ashes
Intrepid (adj.)
1) Very brave, fearless, unshakable
Larceny (n.)
1) Theft
Pliant (adj.)
1) Bending readil, easily influenced
Pompous (adj.)
1) Overly self-important in speech or manner
2) Excessively stately or ceremonious
Precipice (n.)
1) A very steep cliff
2) The brink or edge of disaster
Rectify (v.)
1) To make right, correct
Reprieve (n.)
1) A temporary relief or delay
Reprieve (v.)
1) To grant a postponement
Revile (v.)
1) To attack with words, call bad names