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Abridge (v.)
1) To make shorter
Adherent (n.)
1) A follower, supporter
Adherent (adj.)
1) Attached, sticking to
Cherubic (adj.)
1) Resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful, round, or chubby face
2) Sweet and innocent
Condone (v.)
1) To pardon or overlook
Dissent (v.)
1) To disagree
Dissent (n.)
1) Disagreement
Eminent (adj.)
1) Famous, outstanding, distinguished
2) Projecting
Excorcise (v.)
1) To drive out by magic
2) To dispose of someth ing troublesome, menacing, or oppressive
Fabricate (v.)
1) To make, manufacture
2) To make up, invent
Irate (adj.)
1) Angry
Marauder (n.)
1) A raider, plunderer
Obesity (n.)
1) Extreme Fatness
Pauper (n.)
1) An extremely poor person
Pilfer (v.)
1) To steal in small quantities
Rift (n.)
1) A split, break, breach
Semblance (n.)
1) A likeness
2) An outward appearance
3) An apparition
Surmount (v.)
1) To overcome, rise above
Terminate (v.)
1) To bring to an end
Trite (adj.)
1) Commonplace
2) Overused, stale
Usurp (v.)
1) To seize and hold position by force or without right