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Definition: somebody or something that is not easily explained or understood
Sentence: The enigma of global warming is a highly debated issue.
Synonyms: puzzle, conundrum
Definition 1: demonstrating sincerity
Definition 2: without joy or humor
Sentence 1: The child was solemn as his best friend lost their dog.
Sentence 2: There was a solemn look upon their faces during the funeral.
Synonyms: grave
Definition 1: a system or style of government
Definition 2: an established system or way of doing things
Sentence 1: Hitler's regime caused the deaths of many innocent people.
Sentence 2: My mother's regime was orderly and organized.
Synonyms: leadership, rule
Definition: hard-working, conscientious, and energetic
Sentence: We proved to our teacher that we were dilligent and industrious students.
Synonyms: persevering, laborious
Definition: tending to trust and believe people, and therefore easily tricked or deceived
Sentence: The girl believed everything I told her, proving that she was very gullible.
Synonyms: naive, susceptible
Definition: to argue against the truth or correctness of somebody's statement or claim
Sentence: The book is very interesting, since the characters contradict each other in many ways.
Synonyms: differ, negate
Definition: possessing complete, unlimited, or universal power and authority
Sentence: The omnipotent superhero won every battle he fought.
Synonyms: almighty, supreme
Definition: unaware of or paying no attention to somebody or something
Sentence: The kids were oblivious to their teacher's important direction.
Synonym: absent-minded,negligent
Definition: not predictable, regular, or consistent; often changing direction and not following any course
Sentence: My sister's driving is very erratic.
Synonyms: wayward, inconsistent
Definition: dangerously unstable, unsteady, uncertain, or insecure
Sentence: I had a precarious footing as I walked across the tightrope.
Synonyms: unstable, perilous