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Debris (n)
the remains of anything broken down or destroyed
Recumbent (adj)
Bindle (n)
a bundle usually for possessions carried by a hobo
Morosely (adj)
gloomily or sullenly
Resignedly (adj)
submissive or agreeable
Drone (v)
to make dull or low
Lumber (v)
to walk slowly
Pantomime (n)
a technique of conveying emotions, actions, or feelings by gestures without speech
Contemplated (v)
to consider thoughtfully
Imperiously (adv)
aggressively, in a comanding way
Apprehensive (adj)
uneasy of fearful about something that might happen
Skeptically (adj)
marked by or given to doubt
Complacent (adj)
pleased or pleasant; lack of concern
Mollify (v)
to soften in feeling or temper
Pugnacious (adj)
inclined to quarrel or fight readily
Disengage (v)
to release from attachment or connection
Plaintively (adj)
expressing sorrow; mournful
Brusque (adj)
abrupt in manner; rough
Derogatory (adj)
tending to lessen the reputation of a person or thing
Ominously (adj)
portending evil or harm, threatening