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Corse (n)
Apothecary (n)
a druggist; a pharmacist.
Scruples (n)
an uneasy feeling arising from conscience or principle.
Desist (v)
to cease or stop.
Felon (n)
Abhorred (v)
to regard with extreme hate or anger.
Delete (v)
to remove or erase.
Thwart (n)
to oppose.
Dregs (n)
the sediment of liquids.
Contrivances (n)
a clever plan.
Conjecture (n)
to express an opinion without evidence.
Scourge (n)
a source of great suffering or harm.
Esteemed (v)
to regard with respect.
Rebuked (v)
to express strong/sharp/disapproval.
Scorn (n)
an object of derision or contempt (disgraced).
Divulge (v)
to disclose or reveal.
Apprise (v)
to give notice to; inform.