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Define foray (166)
raid; attacks
define conscientious (167)
scrupulous; governed by what one knows is right
define rejuvenate (168)
make feel young again
define indelible (168)
permanent; incapable pf being erased or removed
define expound (172)
explain in detail point by point
define intemperate (173)
lacking restraint
define atrocity (174)
cruel or evil act, object, or situation
define conflagration (175)
large, destructive fire
define odious (176)
disgusting; offensive
define imperceptible (177)
subtle; so as not to be easily perceived
define succumb (177)
yield to superior or force or overpowering appeal or desire; give way to
define expedient (178)
resouce suited to the occasion
define bravado (179)
false, courage