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- make place safer: to make a place less susceptible to attack by building or creating defensive structures such as walls, ditches, or ramparts
- make something stronger: to strengthen or reinforce the structure of something
- add ingredients to something: to add further ingredients to food or drink in...
black homeless child eaten soup
My theology, briefly, is that the universe was dictated but not signed.
white man at a office on a phone
In all languages certain names are traditionally used to designate men and others are used for women; a number of English names, such as Evelyn or...
black old wringley ugly mann
- cause somebody to act: to provoke or incite somebody into action
- prod animal with stick: to prod an animal with a long pointed stick
- pointed animal prod: a long pointed stick used for prodding cattle and other animals
- stimulus: something that encourages an activity or process to begin, increase, or...
a white man chocking a white women
- crying: crying or tending to cry easily and often
- sad: so sad as to make people cry
a teenager's mother dies from cancer and she has no where to go
submissive:excessively eager to please or obey
a dog
english prelate, laud willam
a women
fawning flatterer: a servile or obsequious person who flatters somebody poerful for personal again
a boy blowing a shoe typen on a keyboard
meddlesome and interfering: chararistic of somebody who is eagar to give unwanted help or adive
old people
tolerate something: to find somebody or something acceptable or bearable