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accord (-able)
n. an agreement between parties
affable (-bility)
adj. being pleasant and at ease in talking to others
amorous (-ly)
of, relating to, or caused by love
askance (askant)
adv. with a side glance of disapproval
carouse (-ed)
v. to drink liquor freely
chide (-ed)
v. to speak disapprovingly to; to scold
contemptible (contempt)
adj. deserving of contempt, despicable
daunt (-ing)
v. to make afraid
disdain (-ed)
n. a feeling of contempt for something regarded as beneath one
divert (-ed)
v. to turn aside from a course or direction
flout (-er)
v. to treat with contemptuous disregard
insidious (-ly)
adj. working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy matter
insolence (insolent)
n. arrogance or rudeness in spee or conduct
intuitive (intuition)
adj. knowing or understanding without conscious reasoning
largess (-e)
n. liberal giving; a generous gift
loam (-y)
n. soil composed of a mixture of sand, clay, silt, and organic matter
minion (-s)
n. a servant of low social standing
patron (-age)
n. one who gives generous support or approval especially for the arts
peruse (-able)
v. to examine or study attentively and in detail
pillory (-ied)
v. to expose to public scorn or ridicule
profusion (profuse)
n. a great abundance; a lavish display
quaff (-er)
v. to drink deeply or repeatedly
receptacle (-s)
n. a container that holds items or matter
retaliation (retaliate)
n. action taken in return for an injury or offense
shrewd (-er)
adj. marked by cleverness, i.e., a shrewd businessman
skepticism (skeptical)
n. a doubting or questioning attitude or state of mind; dubiety
slack (-ing)
adj. not properly diligent, careful, or prompt; negligent
strew (-ed)
v. to spread here and there; scatter
suffuse (-d)
v. to spread through or over, as with liqued, color, or light
teem (-er)
v. to become filled or overflowing; abound
thrive (-ed)
v. to grow vigorously; to do well
toil (-er)
v. to labor continuously, work strenuously
vantage (ad-)
n. an advantage in a competition or conflict; superiority
veiled (veil)
adj. concealed or disguised as if with a veil
vent (-ed)
v. to give often forceful or emotional expression to, i.e., vent one's anger
voluble (-ly)
adj. characterized by ready or rapid speech
ward (-less)
v. to deflect(usually used with OFF),i.e., ward off a cold
welter (-s)
n. a confused mass; a jumble
whit (-s)
n. the smallest part imaginable, i.e., cared not a whit
yield (-ed)
v. to give forth by or as if by a natural process, especially by cultivation