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sallow (adj)
a sickly & yellowish hue and complexion
chide (v)
to scold mildly, to show dissaproval
rancor (n)
bitter &long lasting resentment
clemency (n)
disposition to show mercy
bandy (v)
giving & receiving words in a livey discussion
firmament (n)
the expanse of heavens, the sky
consort (n & v)
n-husband/wife, companion
v-to keep company
intrepid (adj)
fearless, resolutely courageous
malapropism (n)
a ludacris mis-use of a word
effrontery (n)
superbold,brazen boldness
lament (n & v)
v-to express grief
n-an expression of greif
copse (n)
a thickett of small trees
ebb (n & v)
v-to fall back/away
n-a period of decline
minion (n)
subordinate official
absolve (v)
to pronounce clear of guilt, blame, and/or requirements