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execrate v.
to loathe, abhor, detest; to curse
asseverate v.
to declare solemnly; to state positively
decorum n.
proper or fitting behavior and manner
malignity n.
intense illwill; malevolence, hatred, malice
sobriety n.
moderation (in drink); quietness, seriousness, soberness
pious n
having or showing a dutiful reverence for God; sanctimonious
vociferate v.
to speak or cry loudly; to shout
attenuate v.
to make thin; to weaken; to reduce
usurp v.
to seize a position or power by force with legal right
prattle v.
to talk as a child does; n. simple artless talk; babble
vis a vis adj.
face. to face; opposite; in relation to
corrugated adj.
wrinkled, furrowed, lined
iniquitous adj.
unjust, wicked, evil
deign v.
to condescend; to lower oneself to
intimation n.
a hint; reference, suggestion
palpable adj.
readily perceived; tangible
cant n.
singsong language; insincere statements; special jaron of a class or profession
invidious adj.
hateful, odious, offensive; wickedly unjust or unfair
importunate adj.
asking repeatedly; annoyingly persistent
obviate v.
to make unnecessary
querulous adj.
complaining, faultfinding, fretful, peevish
inarticulate adj.
not uttered with intelligible sounds; lacking the ability to express oneself in clear effective speech
doleful adj.
sorrowful, sad, melancholy
vapid adj.
lacking life or flavor; insipid; without spirit; dull, tedious
sotto voce adv.
in a low soft tone so as not to be heard ("under the voice")