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misogynist - n.
hater of women
misanthropist (misanthrope) - n.
hater of mankind
sagacity - n.
keen, sound judgement
orison - n.
copious - adj.
plentiful, abundant
churl - n.
a rude, surly person
changeling - n.
a child secretly substituted for another
reprobate - adj.
morally abandoned; n. - an unprincipled scoundrel
miscreant - adj.
having bad morals, base; n. - a villain
assiduity - n.
careful and steady attention; diligence
physiognomy - n.
features or face of an individual
laconic - adj.
concise, terse, using words sparingly
lachrymose - adj.
tearful, mournful
morose - adj.
gloomy, sullen, ill-humored
homily - n.
a sermon, a serious moral lecture or writing
virulence - n.
violent hostility, intense bitterness, harm, or strength
appellation - n.
name or title
taciturn - adj.
speaking little, silent, not fond of talking
prudential - adj.
wise, showing good judgement
tome - n.
a large, heavy book
vexatious - adj.
annoying, exasperating, disturbing
conjecture - n.
an opinion without proof; a guess
bairn - n.
a child (Scottish)
caprice - n.
a sudden change of mind without reason; a whim or notion
magnanimity - n.
generous spirit; generosity