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A group of related words that acts as a single part of speech
Prepositional phrases, appositive phrases, verbals
Types of Phrases
Participal phrase, gerund phrase and infinitive phrase
Types of VERBAL phrases
Acts as an adjective or adverb made up of a preposition, its object and any modifier
Prepositional phrase
Some people take a sport TO ITS EXTREME
Example of Prepositional phrase
A phrase that RENAMES a noun or pronoun
Appositive phrase
Mr Rickard, THE PRINCIPLE AT MBJH, gives the announcements each morning.
Example of Appositive Phrase
A verb form that acts like an adjective
Participle phrase
PLAYED FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS, high school football has a rich tradition.
Example of a participle phrase
This is an "ing" verb form that acts like it is a noun.
Gerund Phrase
COMPETING IN THE 1984 OLYMPICS brought him one gold medal and two silver medals.
Example of GERUND phrase
This phrase type acts like a noun, adjective or adverb
It is one of the few golf organizations TO WORK WITH DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN
Example of Infinitive phrase
This phrase functions like an adverb and modifies a verb, adverb or another adverb OR it can function as an Adjective and modify a noun or pronoun
Prepositional phrase
The cape buffalo is the most dangerous OF ALL BIG GAME, he said, IN THE SAME SLOW TONE.
Examples of prepositional phrases acting as an adverb
"We could hear the beats OF OUTKAST blasting from the sterio system"
Prepositional phrase acting like an adjective
A group of related words that acts as a SINGLE PART OF SPEECH
a word that names a person, place, thing or idea
lake, month, guitarist, dog
Examples of common nouns
Lake Ripley, February, John Mayer
Proper Noun- always are capitalized
bell, book, flower
concrete nouns
sadness, independence (idea or state of mind)
abstract nouns
crew, audience, family
collective nouns
Collective, common, proper, concrete, abstract
Types of nouns
A word used in place of a noun or another pronoun (her, his)
The word that a pronoun stands for. Her = "SUZY"
Those, that, these, this, anybody, someone, another, anything, both, few, any, some, who, whom, whose, he, she, they, our, mine, I, them
Examples of pronouns
a word that expresses action, conditions or states of being
Action, linking, helping
Types of verbs
Run, jump, tickle, whisper
Examples of action verbs
smell, look, feel, sound, taste, appear, become, seem, remain
Example of linking verbs
Am, is, was, are, were, be, being, been
Linking verbs that are states of being
Can, have, many, might, must, shall, should, will, would
Examples of helping verbs
A word that modifies, describes, or limits the meaning of a noun or pronoun
What kind? Which one? How many? How much?
Questions that adjectives attempt to ask
Articles And and The are examples of
Adjectives as articles
A word that modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb
Where? WHen? How? to what extent?
Questions that adverbs ask
Not all adverbs end in
Afterwards, already, also, today, tomorrow, sometimes, slow, often, still, next
common adverbs
Words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word in the sentence
about, above, against, along, underneath, until, inside, into, near, by, on, off
Common prepositions
A word that connects a group of words - such as: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so...
Not only, but also
Either, or
Neither, nor
Both, and
Examples of correlative conjunctions
A word that expresses emotion. Such as "Ouch! That knife is sharp"
The violent sea overturned the sailboat
Simple subject and predicate
The climb up the mountain was difficult.
Sentence with predicate adjective (PA)
Mount Everest was their destination.
Sentence with a predicate nominative (PN)- that renames or defines the subject (DESTINATION=Mt. Everest)
The climber grabbed THE ROPE.
Sentence with a direct object- Answers a question "What?" or "Whom?" (THE ROPE)
The rescue team gave survivors HOT FOOD
Sentence with indirect objects (Tells to what, to whom, for what, for whom an action is done)
Many early jazz bands played in New Orleans.
A noun (or pronoun) that follows a preposition
(IN is the preposition- New Orleans is the object of the preposition).
A group of words that contain a subject and a verb
A main clause that expresses a complete thought, it can stand alone
Independent clause
Genes carry your genetic history.
Although you inherit your looks, the origin of your personality is more mysterious.
Example of independent clause.
A clause that contains a subject and a verb, but does not express a complete thought. It can't stand alone.
Subordinate clause
Research on identical twins has fueled WHAT SCIENTISTS CALL HEREDITY VS. ENVIRONMENT DEBATE.
Example of Subordinate clause
This phrase does not have a subject and is not the same as a subordinate clause
Verbal phrase
CHATTERING AS BIRDS, squirrels raise a fuss.
Example of a verbal phrase in bold
When THEY ARE CHATTERING LIKE BIRDS, squirrels raise a fuss.
Example of subordinate phrase