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What is Whitman's personality?...what kind of poet is he?
sociable, traveler, public speaker...civil war poet
What is Dickinson's personality?
reclusive, private, shy
When was Dickinson's work first published?
posthumously, late 1800's
What is the poetry book Whitman worked on his entire life?
Leaves of Grass
How did Dickinson's career begin?
When her sister found her poetry after E.'s death and published it in installments.
What is cadence?
preachingly, words flowing like someone's talking
What is free verse?
no rhyme or meter
What is Dickenson language like?
extremely structured w/ meticulously chosen wording
What is Whitmans language like?
free verse, rambling
What is the value of poetry?
can act as a voice for some ppl
When was Whitman born? Where?
1819... Long Island, NY
How many siblings did WW have?
When did WW leave school
age 11
What do WW do for a living right after leaving school?
office clerk, printer's assistant
Did he go to college?
How did WW supplement his income as a writer?
construction, carpentry
How did WW get the word out about his book?
printed it w/ his onw $ and sent completementary copies to influential writers. (1855)
When did WW's last ed. appear? What's it called?
1881, deathbed ed.
How is Leaves of Grass like an epic?
Hero is poet on journey to be a hero of future. At end, poet has been transformed.
Which influential writer LOVED WW's book?
How did others see WW?
as gently, tender, and an all-around good guy
What is WW's style of writing?
cadence, lists, rep., free verse, alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia
Politically, what is WW known as?
a free soiler
What is WW's goal in poems?
to represent and celebrate ALLL of America
When is Dickinson born? Where?
1830, Amherts, MA
What has ED's family life like?
rich, political, religious family
What was ED's edu like?
extremely educated. til age 18
What did ED's dad do?
was a congressman, started Amherst College
What happened to make ED go crazy?
Went on trip to DC w/ father, fell in love w/ married pastor, Wadsworth,(who obv. didn't love her) and didn't take it well.
What happened in 1861 to ED?
Wadsworth moved to San Frnacisco, CA and she started to crack.
Who has Thomas Wentworth Higginson? (ED)
Editor of "The Atlantic Monthly" who didn't publish much of ED's work.
What did ED ask of her family at death?
to destroy her poetry
How did she dies>
Bright's disease (kidney swelling)