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A love story in which he lost his love and his head.
orpheus & eurydice
she was utterly amazed by this bound titan
prometheus & Ion
she rested on her laurels after a god pursued her.
daphne & Apollo
zeus was bull-ish in this one
this young man fell minos his wings
daedalus & icarus
he was typical often absent husband but she loved him with all her soul
cupid & psyche
they used feathers to calm one another
ceyx & alcyone
she was very stiff to them until they kissed
pygmalion & galeta
wild mulberries and lions couldn't keep these two apart
pyramus & thisbe
two old loves share a trunk in death
baucis & philemon
he was loved by two goddesses but board to death
she always got the last word with this guy but he was a poor reflection of love
narcissus & echo
he answers the burning queston about his dad
this one is the reason for the seasons
demeter & persephone
he was to likeable a guest to kill