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hard to catch; evasive; out of reach
Throughout the swashbuckling novel by Orezy, the Scarlet Pimpernel made it his business to be elusive.
standing out; rising above other things or places
They were amazed that such an eminent scholar could have made such an obvious error.
to weaken physically, mentally or morally; to deprive of (or "take out") nerve, force or strength
The guerrillas hoped that a series of surprise attacks would enervate the regular army.
to remove completely; to take out, blot out, rub out
Because he committed a juvenile offense, his record was expunged when he turned 21.
to praise highly; to laud, commend; (to "raise out")
The salesman extolled the virtues of the used car he was trying to convince the customer to buy.
impudence; shameless boldness, transgressing the bounds of modesty and decorum
She had the effrontery to make fun of me in my own house.
outstanding; an example to others; worthy of imitation
His exemplary behavior set a fine example for the rest of the class.
learning; scholarship; knowledge gained by study or reading
The annual meeting of professors brought together the most erudite, respected individuals in the field.
going beyond what is reasonable, proper or just; excessive
The dealership was charging an exorbitant price for the Honda, so I bought the Ford.
to remove anything considered obscene or otherwise objectionable from a book, etc.
The teacher expurgated several words and phrases from the text before handing it out to his students.
ordinary, common; lacking interest, style, or novelty
He used banal phrases like "have a nice day" or "another day, another dollar."
made commonplace by repetition; lacking interest, style or novelty; stale, worn out
The movie bored us because its trite plot made the ending obvious.
commonplace; lacking interest, style, or novelty; overused
We always mock my father for his hackneyed expressions and dated hairstyle.
commonplace; lacking interest, style or novelty; dull; without imagination
Although the restaurant had high prices, critics considered its food little more than pedestrain.
filled with light; shining; bright; resplendent; sane, mentally sound
When spoken to, she was quite lucid, but her eyes were sleepy and her manner, inattentive
transparent; admitting the passage of light; easy to understand
We couldn't determine whether or not the pellucid liquid in the bottle was water.
to make clear; to explain; to remove obscurity from and render intelligible (to "bring out the light")
Eric was so unaware of his own insensitivity that it was often necessary for his friends to elucidate the reasons for their annoyance and hurt
giving off light; glowing; flooded with light
Mariah's sister Alyie had luminous presence, charming everyone with her warmth and vitality