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Which quote shows Milton asking for guidance from the Holy Spirit?
'Oh Spirit...Instruct me...thou from the first was present'
Which quote shows Milton saying the purpose to his book?
'I may assert Eternal Providence and justify the ways of God to men'
Which quote shows God speaking to the Son about man?
'I made him sufficient to have stood, yet free to fall...Foreknowledge had no influence on their fault'
Which quote shows Milton speaking about the fall?
'that which purifies us is trial...wherefore did he create passions within is, pleasures round about us, but that these greatly tempered are the very ingredients of virtue'.
Which quote is from the devil when he arrives in Eden?
'The more I see pleasures round about me, so much more I feel torment within me'.
What quote shows Eve convincing herself that eating the fruit is for the best?
'For good unknown, sure is not had'.
What quote shows Eve deciding whether or not to give the fruit to Adam?
'Adam shall share with me in bliss or woe'.
What quote shows Eve persuading Adam to allow them to split up?
'How are we happy, still in fear of harm?'
What quote is from Genesis, and it shows the difference between itself and Paradise Lost?
'She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it'.
What did someone say to do with the tiger and the lamb and who said it?
Carter tries to find ways in which the tiger and lamb try to reach some sort of accommodation. Margaret Atwood
What did someone say to do with re-writing fairytales and who said it?
Carter only re-write fairytales in their original structures. Duncker.
What did someone say about biological and maternal bonds and who said it?
That Carter writes out any biological or maternal bonds. Jouve
What quote shows you don't have to get married
'So all your wifes, if you need them...and husbands, if you want them' Carter, 'Puss-In-Boots'.
What quote shows the fat black woman is active?
'Come up and see me sometime' 'Invitation, Grace Nichols
What quote shows that men can find all colours attractive?
'So if you want to know beauty's Rainbow sweet thrill, stroll down the luscious, deligious, fine Sugar Hill'. Langston Hughes, Harlem Sweeties
What quote shows someone who isn't sure where they fit in?
'I wonder where I'm gonna die, being neither white nor black'. 'Cross' Langston Hughes
What quote shows someone saying everyone is similar in some way?
'You are a part of me as I am a part of you'. 'Theme for English B', Langston Hughes
What quote shows someone unable to hide their views any longer?
'Yes yes yes. I'd like this baby to live in a nuclear free world'. 'The Waiting List' Jackie Kay
What quote shows someone proud of their language?
'I spoke the languge that I spoke at home'. 'Them & [uz]' Tony Harrison
Which quote shows someone feeling almost guilty because of their skin colour?
'Nothing remained but self-confession'. Wole Soyinka, 'Telephone Conversation'.
Which quote shows someone struggling to remember her mother?
'Why do I remember her [Bessie's] voice, and not my own mother's?' Jackie Kay, 'The Red Graveyard
Which quote shows that his mother is ashamed of his writing?
'You weren't brought up to write such mucky books' 'Bringing Up', Tony Harrison
Which quote shows his mother determined for her son to be just as good as the higher classes?
'You're every bit as good as that lot are', 'Turns', Tony Harrison
Which quote shows someone defending their fathers' language?
'Mi dad's did scan, like yours do, many times', 'Confessional Poetry', Tony Harrison
Which quote says about what makes an author the way they are and who said it?
'authors are...very much in the history of their societies, shaping and shaped by that history and their social experience in different measure'. Edward Said
Which quote says about the authors of the canon?
'they [the great English novelists] are significant in terms of the human awareness they promote; awareness of the possibilites of life'.
What quote shows that he can't write better than his father?
'I can't squeeze more love into their stone'. 'Bookends I' Tony Harrison
What quote shows his mother not wanting to feel inferior to everyone?
'she bought to wear, not to be outclassed by those posh frocks at her son's next New York premiere!' 'Illuminations III', Tony Harrison
What ideas are both the revolution and Paradise Lost concerned with?
The origins of power, what it means to be ruled, the worthyness of those being ruled and what characterises justice.
What quote shows Hamlet's strong feelings of hate for Claudius?
'Remorseless, trecherous, lecherous, kindless villain! O, vengeance!'
What quote shows Hamlet's disgust at Gertrude's behaviour?
'O God, a beast that wants discourse of reason would have mourn'd longer.'
What quote shows that Hamlet is only insane in the way that he doesn't understand what is going on, or that he only is mad when he chooses to be?
'I am mad but North-North-West'.
What did Ben Jonson say which says about the universality of Hamlet?
'He was not of age, but for all time!'
What quote shows Hamlet's, or possibly Shakespeare's, views on universal plays?
'For the play...pleased not the million...But it was - as I received excellent play'.
What quote shows the reason why Hamlet didn't kill Claudius while he was praying?'
Claudius partaking the 'parging of the soul' whereas King Hamlet was killed 'with all his crimes broad blown'.
Which quote shows that it is not universal?
Anne Barton - At this time there was a feeling that 'private individuals cannot be blamed for taking vengeance into their own hands'.