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The Holocaust
Bruno Bettelheim
How can we understand their hatred
elie Wiesel
A black man ponders his ability to alter public space
brent staples
the bali saleng
eric ahnsen
the killing game
joy williams
hunting and human values
paul shepherd
the library card
richard wright
mother tongue
amy tan
letter from birmingham jail
martin luther kind jr
categorize an item into the next higher classification and give distinguising criteria from other iterms with in that classification
formal definition
researchers argure that the particular definition is one that suits the concept
operational definition
audience accepting as representative of the concept
definitions from example
any common factor could be the cause
the common factor method
must have two similar situations, one that leads to an effect and one doesn't
the single difference method
if found that a possible cause and possible effect have a similar pattern or variation then one can suspect that a relationship exists
concomitant variation
eliminate ones that aren't causes
process of elimination
is setting down another idea to replace destroying something
practical criteria
complimenting it or declaring it has sentimental value
aesthetic criteria
related to ethics
ethical criteria