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January 1st~ New Years Day
-1st day of the year
January 6~ Epiphany
-Baptism of Jesus (12th day after Christmas)
January 28 to February 8~Carnevale
-Mardi Gras, last day before the fasting season
of Lent, or last day before 40 days of fasting.
March 20-27~ Holy Week
-week of spiritual performance, remembering Jesus’ death for us on the cross
March 27~ Easter Sunday
-remembering resurrection of Jesus after crucifixion.
March 27~ Explosion of the Cart
-Also called “Scoppoi del Carro”, dove-shaped rocketship, called "Colombina", fly’s out of famous Duomo (city in Italy) and catches fire a vast wooden cart-structure.
April 7-11~ Vinitaly
-wine festival
April 21~City Birthday Celebration
-Rome’s Birthday (Next Slide)
April 25~ Liberation Day
-End of the WWII from Germany’s army
Anniversary of Rome, April 21, 753 B.C when Romulus founded the city on the Rome
Named after Romaulus, shortened to Rome
Firework display over the Tiber
May 1st~ Labor Day
-Honors the labor of people
May 5th~ Ascension Day
-Religious day of when Jesus rose into heaven
May 5th~ Annual Cricket Festival -Crickets sold in cages
June 2~ National Italian Day
-Anniversary of the Republic (next slide)
June 24~ St. John the Baptist Day
-Religious festival
June 2
Italian National Day remembers founding of republican democracy in Italy of June 2, 1948.
Event places to celebrate and encourage Italian culture.
Italian National Day celebration is structured by Alliance of Italian American Associations and attended by many major city and state administrators.
July 2nd~Il Palio
-Horse Race
July 15-16~ Festival of the Madonna
-Festival in honor of Mary
Festa de’ Noantri
-Parade with the Virgin Mary statue leading it
Mid-July~ St. Margaret Day
-Religious festival
August 7th~ Regatta di Pellestrina
-Apprehended for the well-liked feast of the Madonna dell'Apparizione (the Virgin of the Apparition).
-Regatta is apprehended on the lagoon side of the island in Venice, Italy.
August 15th~ Assumption of Mary
-Virgin Mary rises into heaven
August 16~ Il Palio
-Horse Race
First week of September~ Walnut Festival
First Week of September~ Festa della Rificolona
-Festival with children’s procession with lanterns
Early September~ Maria Nascente
-“Rising Mary” Fair
September 4-5~ Historical Regatta
-Procession with boats (next slide)
September 4th, 2005
Historical boat procession remembers welcome given to Caterina Cornaro, wife of King of Cyprus, in 1489 after she renounced her throne in favor of Venice.
Variety diverse types of boats take part in the Regata Storica: "pupparin“, "caorlina", "mascareta", "gondolino” and most important, gondola, Venetian boat of excellence.
October (whole month)~ Music of the people Festival
-Festival focuses on most true popular expressions, hosting artists removed directly from own ordinary and enriching habitat, trying to reduce the effect of the 'out of place' feeling
October 31~ Halloween
-Make cakes in the shape of beans.
-Go to church to pray for the souls of the deceased.
-Make feast before go to church and leave it out for the deceased should and if meal wasn’t consumed it means the spirits disapprove of house and house will be safe for year.
November 1~ All Saints Day
-Day Catholics remember the saints
-Go to mass
November 21~ Feast of Our Lady of Good Health
-Feast for Mary
-Religious fest
December 7~ St. Ambrose Day
-Religious Festival
December 8~ Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
-Mary receives conception by Holy Spirit
-When Jesus is put into Mary womb
December 24~ Christmas eve
December 25~ Christmas Day
-Go to church
-Exchange gifts
- “Buone Feste Natalizie” means Merry Christmas