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What is a paragraph?
It is a group of closely RELATED sentences developing one topic.
What are the Four types of Paragraphs?
What does a descriptive paragraph do?
appeals to the senses by relating an image or communicating a mood.
What does a Narrative paragraph do?
tells a story
What does a Expository paragraph do/
informs or explains
What does a persuasion paragraph do?
Influences the reader's opinion, and expresses a paticular preference (i.e.-movie,music,food...)
What are the three components in a paragraph?
1)topic sentence
What is the Topic Sentence?
It is a sentence that clearly states the main idea of the paragraph
What is the body?
The body is sentences that support and develop the topic sentence
What is the clincer?
a sentence restating main idea, summarizes supporting information and explains significance of the inromation
What is Empathy?
Stepping into someone else's shoes
What should a Topic sentence do?
1)focus on specific point
2)express the main idea of the paragraph?
how do you develop a Topic Sentence?
You choose a subject, limit it, and then consider your purpose and audience, then write a sentence which expresses what you intend to say about yuor specific
What are the four Methods of Development in the Body?
Narrative Details
Facts and Statistics
Sensory Details
What are examples (M.O.D.)
concrete instances or examples
What are Facts and statistics (M.o.d.)
statements that can be proved or quantifiable facts (expressed in numbers)
What are Sensory Details (M.O.D)
Detais taht appeal to the erader's senses
What are Narrative Details (M.O.D)
details that tell a story
name the three ways for writing Clincers...
1)restate the topic sentence
2)summarize ideas expressed in the body
3)comment on the ideas expressed in the body.
4)explain the significance of the ideas expressed in the body
What are the two things a well written paragraph MUSt have?
What is Unity
all supporting details that relate to the topic sentence
What is coherence?
Sentences that flow smoothlyand logically fromone to another