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O Titanic
Titans (the large original gods)
M Titanic
very large or strong; powerful
O Erotic
Eros, god of love
M Erotic
Arousing feelings of love
O Cyclopean
Relating to or resembling Cyclops who had one eyes in middle of their forehead
M Cyclopean
Huge; massive; one-eyed
O Cereal
Ceres, goddess of corn and grain
M Cereal
food made from grain and eaten at breakfast, usually with milk
O Olympic games
ancient festival consisting of contests in athletics, poetry, and music; held every four years at Olympia to honor Zeus
M Olympic games
A modern international athletic competition that is generally head every four years in a different country
O martial
Relating to Mars, the god of war
M martial
Showing a readiness or eagerness to fight; warlike
O iridescent
Iris, goddess of rainbow
M iridescent
Having rainbow colors; lustrous; brilliant appearance
O vulcanization
Relating to Vulcan, god of fire and protector of smiths (forge)
M vulcanization
strengthen a material by applying heat and pressure
O museum
the muses presided over the different creative arts
M museum
building which holds objects of artistic, historical, or scientific importance and value
O nemesis
goddess of just punishment or vegeance
M nemesis
a bitter enemy who seems unbeatable; punishment that is deserved; avenger
O insomniac
somnus was the god of sleep
M insomniac
difficulty of sleeping
O jovial
relating to jove or jupiter who was playful
M jovial
full of hearty, playful, good humor; genial and cheerful
O vestal
vesta was the goddess of the hearth
M vestal
chaster; virginal; nun
O saturnine
saturn was the god of agriculture and ruler of the universe
M saturnine
gloomy and morose; melancholy
O mercurial
relating to mercury, messenger god
M mercurial
lively and unpredictable; witty
O Amazonian
Amazons were a group of women warriors who were tall and strong
M Amazonian
A notably tall, physicaly strong, or strong-willed woman
O Hesperian
Hesperides, garden in western Greece that produces golden apples
M Hesperian
People living in the western hemisphere
O Atlas
Titan who was forced by Zeus to support the heavens on his shoulders as a punishment
M Atlas
Book containing maps and vital statistics of a geographic region
O Atrophy
Atropos was the fate who cutes the thread of life
M Atrophy
Weakening or lessening of some ability; shrinking in size
O Harpy
Flying monster that was half woman and half bird of prey
M Harpy
Offensive term for a woman that describes her as a grasping or quarrelsome
O Labyrinthine
Labyrinth was designed to confine the Minotaur (half-man, half-bull)
M Labyrinthine
A maze or a confusing network of passages
O Stygian
Relating to Styx, the river that the souls of the dead were ferried across into Hades
M Stygian
Dark and frightening; eternally binding
O Adonis
Adonis was a young handsome youth whom everyone loved
M Adnois
A very handsome man
O Psyche
Psyche was a beautiful woman loved by Cupid; personification of human soul
M Psyche
Human spirit or soul
O Zephyr
the West wind
M Zephyr
Mild wind; light warming breeze
O Panic
Pan, son of Hermes, frightened people in the wilderness and caused them to flee
M Panic
Sudden feeling of fear or anxiety
O Fatality
Greek fates who spun and cut the thread of life
M Fatality
Disaster resulting in death
O Narcissistic
Greek youth turned into a flower; fell in love with his own reflection in a pool
M Narcissistic
excessive self admiration and self-centeredness
O Aurora borealis
aurora was the goddess of the dawn and boreas was the north wind
M Aurora borealis
Colored lights seen in the skies around the North Pole
O Laurels
Tree sacred to Apollo; woven into a wreath and used as a mark of honor or victory
M Laurels
Honor won for achievement
O Protean
Prophetic sea god who could change his shape at will
M Protean
Continually changing in nature, appearance, or behavior; diversity
O Bacchanalian
Ancient Roman festivities in honor of Bacchus
M Bacchanalian
Wild party
O Siren
Sirens lured sailors to deadly rocks with their beautiful voices
M Siren
Sound used as a warning device
O Satirical
Satyrs were half goat half man
M Satirical
Use of ridicule and sarcasm
O Lethargy
River in Hades who made those who drank it forget their past
M Lethargy
Tiredness; lack of energy; mental dullness
O Music
Relating to the nine muses specializing in the fine arts
M Music
combining vocal or instrumental sounds and tones in a melody
O Hypnotic
Relating to hypnos, god of sleep
M Hypnotic
Producing sleep of hypnosis
O Morphine
God of dreams and sleep
M Morphine
Drug which relieves severe pain
O Tantalize
King who was condemned to stand in water under a fruit tree, but was unable to reach the food or water
M Tantalize
Tease or torment people by letting them see, but not have, something they desire
O Cerebral
Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades
M Cerebral
Relating to or involving the brain
O Promethean
Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man
M Promethean
Creative and imaginatively original
O Chronology
Titan who ruled the world until Zeus dethroned him; he is often considered "Father Time"
M Chronology
Order in which events occur or their arrangement according to this order
O Calliope
Muse of epic poetry who inspired the Greeks
M Calliope
An organ that generates music through the use of steam or compressed air
O Plutocracy
From Pluto, god of the underworld and wealth
M Plutocracy
Rule or power by the wealthy
O Arachnophobia
Arachne lost a weaving contest to Athena and was transformed into a spider
M Arachnophobia
Fear of spiders
O Typhoon
Typhon was a large monstrous son of Gaea that the Olympian gods all feared
M Typhoon
Violent tropical storm
O Sibylline (sybilline)
Greek woman believed to be ann oracle or a prophet
M Sibylline (sybilline)
Fortune teller
O Halcyon days
Halcyon was a bird believed to have the power to calm the waves
M Halcyon days
Tranquil and free from disturbance or care
O Epicurean
Epicurus was a Greek philosopher who founded a utopian societry
M Epicurean
Fond of luxurious eating and drinking
O Floral
From Flora, goddess of flowers
M Floral
Arrangement of flowers
O Hermetic
Hermes, messenger god
M Hermetic
Airtight; sealed tightly
O Thespian
Thespis was a Greek poet; Thespia was a town of nine muses
M Thespian
Having to do with drama; dramatic
O Colossal
Colossus was a large statue of Apollo
M Colossal
Enormous in size
O Stentorian
Stentor was a herald of Greek forces during Trojan War whose voice was very loud
M Stentorian
Very loud
O Midas touch
Midas received the gift of the golden touch - everything he touched turned to gold
M Midas touch
The ability to turn any business venture into a profitable one
O "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"
An allusion to the story of the Trojan Horse in which the Greeks tricked the Trojans into accepting the wooden horse as a gift
M "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"
Don't trust your enemies
O "Face that launched a thousand ships"
Reference to Helen of Troy whose beauty was the cause of the Greeks sending 1000 trips to defeat Troy
M "Face that launched a thousand ships"
A beautiful woman
O Pandora's box
Pandora opened a box given to her by the gods and released all the evils into the world
M Pandora's box
A great source of trouble
O Epic Proportions
Epic poems were long, grand stories told by Homer about Greek heroes
M Epic Proportions
Unusually great size or extent
O "Between a rock and a hard place"
Odysseus had to choose to sail by Scylla who would eat six of his men or Charybdis, the whirlpool, who would destroy the whole ship
M "Between a rock and a hard place"
Face with a choice between two equally unpleasant or undesirable alternatives