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What is Lethargic?
abnormal drowsiness
What is Odyssey?
A long wandering or series of travels
What is Demonic?
evil or devil like
What is Heliocentric?
What is Phobia?
A very high fear of a particular object
What is Nocturnal?
realted to or occuring at night
What is mentor?
A trusted guide
What is Promethean?
Unique, original, creative
What is Labyrinth?
A maze
What is Terpsichore?
The Greek Muse od dancing and choral sing
What is tentalize?
To tease or tormant
what is Mnemonic?
Intended to assist memory
What is iredscence?
a play of colors producing rainbow effects
What is Panacea?
A cure of all ills and difficulties
What is Nemesis?
fierce rebel or enemy
What is Hypnotic?
What is Titanic?
having great power or force
What is arachnid?
What is chronological?
arranged according to the order of time
What is Narcissistic?
filled wiht self love or vain