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how many wives did Henry IV haveand how did they die?
6, divorced beheaded died divorced beheaded and survived
King Henry II married who?
Catherine de Medici
Henry IV was also known as ...
Henry Naverre
Henry IV married...
Charled IX, Henry III, Francis II, Henry IV were sons of .....
Henry II
King Henry II outlawed what religion...
Henry IV converted to....
" I will not be content that my power I disputed upon"
James I
" I will conform themselves or I will hurry them out of this land or else do worse."
James I
"He is the wisest fool in Christendom."
Henry IV
"I am martyr of the people."
Charles I
"By God, not for an hour."
Charles I
who was the first Tudor King of England
Henry VII
established the Anglican Church
Henry VII
who was the "sickly boy?"
Edward VI
who was Henry VIi oldest daughter?
Mary I
who was the first reigning queen of England?
Mary I
married Phillip II of spain
wanted to rid England of clergy who would not conform to the laws of the Chatholic Church
Mary I
burned 300 protestants at the stake
Mary I
a.k.a Bloody Mary
Maru I
Mary I burned what famous Arch Bishop
Arch Bishop Thomas Cranmer
was Mary I half sister
Elizabeth I
strengthed Protestantism by making people who did not attend the Anglican Church pay fines
Elizabeth I
Queen which had no heir to throne
Elizabeth I
Who was Elizabeth's closest relative for heir of the throne
Mary Suart Queen of Scotland
plotted to kill Elizabeth with Phillip II ambassadors and dwas eventually beheaded
Mary I
fleet of ships sent to attack England
Spanish Armada
why did England win the Spanish Armada?
had better ships that were a smaller and swifter in the English Cannel
The Parliament was divided into what two houses and what kind of people were included in each?
House of Commons- burgresses merchants and professional people; gentry- social postion which owned land
House of Lords- nobles;higher clergy
what were some of Elizabeth I accomplishments with Parliament?
1. allowed freedom of speech
2. manged taxes very well and was frugal with money
Who was Elizabeth I daughter of?
Anne Boleyn
Review a couple of the quotes that Henry VIII might have said
Quotes:" I need a son." "Catherine Aragon to old."" attracted to Anne of Boleyn."" the Church is rich and I need money.'" Protestants ideas going to Germany and throwing at Catholicism."" maybe English Bible instead Latin because England like Protestant ideas."
signed the Petition of Rights..
Charles I
Dissolved Parliament...
Charles I
a Puritan ruled a lord protector and military dictator
Oliver Cromwell
a Stuart whihc restored the throne after Cromwell's death
Charles II
signed Habeas Corpus Act which granted and accused persons a right to a trial
Charles I
a Catholic king overthrown in GLorious Revolution when Catholic son was born
James II
2 reasons why james I was not well liked by English people
-hated Puritans and raised tariffs
- was a foriegner ans didn't like England's government
What were 2 of James I policies that parliament opposed of
1. increased money in treasury and hade no tolerabce for Puritans
2. made an alliance with Spain
what kind of view did james I have on Kings?
Divine Right
againist what King did Parliament make a list of grievances?
Charles I
what is the Star Chamber?
chamber in which decision were made in sercret and was known as kangaroo court
who was the leader od non-Anglican Protestants and Puritan during the English Civil War.?
oliver Cromwell
who was the leader of the Anglicans Roman Catholics and nobles during the English Civil War?
King charles I
Cavalier group was made of what group of people?
Anglicans Roman Catholics nobles
Roundheads group was made of what group of people?
non- Anglicans Protestants Puritans