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What is Romanticism?
Artistic movement that domniated Europe and America during the 19th century. Writers reveled in nature and often accented the fantastic aspects of human experience.
Who are 4 romantic writers?
Washington Irving, James Fenmore Cooper, William Cullen Bryant, Edgar Allen Poe.
Who is Ralph Emerson?
- led new england renaissance
- truth lays in “the Over Soul” a universal and benign omnipresence.
- highly influential leader in the spread of transcendentalism.
What is the New England Renaissance?
(1840-1855) led by Ralph Emerson, a burst of literary activity took place in and around Boston this new enthusiasm produced an array of great writers and enduring literature.
Who were the fireside poets?
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Russell Howell, and John Gere.
What is transcendentalism?
holds the philosophy that the understanding a person gains in intuitive; the most fundamental truths lie outside the experience of the senses.
Who was Henry David Thoreau?
an avid follower of Emerson, withdrew from society and wrote his philosophy of life and nature in Walden…
What is a meter?
the rhythmic patter created by the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables
What is a stanza?
units of two or more lines arranged in a pattern of rhythm or rhyme.
what is a...
- couplet?
- quatrain?
- cinquain?
2-line stanzas
4-line stanzas
5-line stanzas
What did henry wadsworth longfellow write?
Psalm of life was written by...
Who wrote Thanatopsis?

What does thanatos mean?
What does opsis mean?
William Cullen Bryant wrote??? he was not a fireside writer.


-death and life we learn the most from nature. Dont apporach death so afraid.
Who wrote The First Snowfall?
James Russell Lowell wrote?

"Then, with eyes that saw not, I kissed her; And she kissing back, could not know that my kiss was given to her sister. Folded close under deepeniing snow."
Who wrote Old Ironsides?
Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote?

"Oh better that her shattered hulk should sink beneath the wave; Her thunders shook the mighty deep, And there should be her grave; Nail to the mast her holy flag. Set every threadbare sail, And give her to the god of storms, The lightening and the gale!"
Who wrote Snowbound?
John Greenleaf Whittier wrote?

"And ere the early bedtime came The white drift piled the window frame, And through the glass the clotheslines posts Looked in like tall and sheeted ghosts"